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CSS - ONLINE TOOL - Irregular Shape Creator [CodePen]

Customize Border Radius and Size. And Copy and paste in your css


DEV - Modernizr - Alsacreations

Modernizr est voué à la détection des fonctionnalités navigateurs via JavaScript. Il permet de prévoir des alternatives (basées sur d'autres bibliothèques) pour les moteurs ne supportant pas l'une ou l'autre des propriétés CSS, HTML, etc.

FIREFOX - DEV - BROWSER TOOLBOX - change color of firefox bookmarks menu -

you can use Firefox menu->Developer->BrowserToolbox to examine UI elements and play with CSS. After you open it, click OK in the main browser window, wait a few seconds for the toolbox to initiliaze, then use the first button in its toolbar to pick an element (bookmarks button in your case).


RSS - TOOOL - Top 10 Free Tools to Create RSS for Any Website

This is where some free online services come to the rescue. They allow anyone to create an RSS feed of any website. Some are very simple while others are more advanced, so depending on your level of expertise, you are sure to find a tool that can help you get the custom RSS feed you are seeking.

WEB - Texte intégral — Guide d'autodéfense numérique : Tome 2 — en ligne

expliquer dans quelle mesure l'utilisation d'ordinateurs pouvait constituer une menace pour nos intimités dans le monde numérique, notamment par rapport aux données qu'on leur confie.


WINDOWS - REPARER - Yumi Multiboot USB Creator

Trousse d’urgence qui vous tirera d’à peu prés tous les mauvais pas__ Yumi Multiboot USB Creator ( de copier des logiciels sur une clé qui vous servira ensuite à relancer le PC__Embarque des distributions Linux complètes pour accéder au PC lorsque Windows ne répond plus, des utilitaires, des antivirus... Utilisez une clé USB vierge de 16 gigaoctet minimum.

JAVASCRIPT - jsunpack - a generic JavaScript unpacker

The Extracted URLs lists, (2 files) for instance, indicates how many decodings or other files were created when trying to decode JavaScript. If this column shows (1 files) it means that there were no decodings and that a static scanner would be just as effective at detecting content. However, if there are more than one file, a decoding likely occurred, and jsunpack can match against additional content. A malicious URL with only (1 files) is less likely to be malicious because attackers commonly hide their content when delivering exploits or other malicious content. The Extracted URLs displays files grouped by URL, so the originally file that triggered the rule and all of the other files are all connected to another. It is more common that the attacker will try to hide content and create 2 or more decodings. Jsunpack was originally designed to handle complicated cases of decoding where there were 5 stages of decoding, although such cases are rare, generally the more decoding levels (and therefore files), the more likely the attacker is trying to hide something of value. Thanks for using jsunpack!


WINDOWS - Comment restaurer un fichier contenu dans un point de restauration Windows ? - Korben

Vos documents personnels sont bien sauvegardés aussi, mais seuls les utilisateurs des versions Ultimate, Business et Enterprise y ont accès. Ceux qui ont une version personnelle (basique ou familiale) ne peuvent pas accéder aux fichiers contenus dans ces points de restauration. Heureusement, pour cela, il existe un petit logiciel baptisé Shadow Explorer qui va vous permettre d'accéder à ces points de restauration et de farfouiller dedans pour restaurer celui que vous voulez.

PIN BUTTON : Bookmarklet Builder

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To compress your code into a single-line as is required by bookmarklets, you could use this tool:

CSS - ONLINE TOOL - CSS font-stack

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CSSFontStack is a simple, one-page website which lists all the web-safe fonts.Today, many websites are using web-fonts with @font-face for a more customized design. However, web-safe fonts usage is still so wide as many others prefer to make sure all fonts will be displayed cross-browser/device, not to use web-fonts services and/or minimize the total size of websites.


When an CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) document is edited is very easy to mess the code making it unreadable. Especially if you use many nested STYLES it can become difficult to remember how the document is structured. CSS Beautifier will help you to solve many of these problems. This tool can process an CSS document and reformat it with a correct indentation and syntax highlighting. By applying CSS beautifies to your CSS code will improve the layout and indent style of the resulting CSS code. Beautification involves using white spaces like tabs and line-breaks to indent CSS code. Compaction removes unnecessary white spaces. This online tool will not fix your invalid invalid indentation, unpack CSS, De-Obfuscate CSS.


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Responsive design bookmarklet : Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness.


LOG - Jing (Screenshot Capture) - The Flickr Button (send Screenshots directly to your Flickr accoun)

Jing® is a computer service that lets you capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web. To upload images captured with Jing to Flickr you need to do two things. First, create a Flickr account. Next, create a Flickr button in Jing and then authorize Jing to use Flickr.

LOG - GIF - QGifer : Créer des GIF animés à partir d'une vidéo « Korben Korben

QGifer, ça fonctionne sous Windows et Linux et ça permet d'importer une vidéo pour en extraire un morceau qui sera alors converti en GIF animé. QGifer permet d'éditer la palette de couleur, d'ajouter du texte ou des objets graphiques, de faire du crop (découpage), d'ajouter des filtres et bien sûr de mettre une boucle infinie sur votre image animée.

CSS - TOOL (Bookmarklet) -Favelets + Favelet Creator - To diagnose CSS error

Favelets: these just dynamically write a link element into the head of the document. The link points to a style sheet. This allows for "diagnosis" favelets that are easy to update or change (you just edit the style sheet). Favelet Creator Input the URL of the style sheet you want to use in your favelet, and the name of the favelet as you want it to appear in your toolbar. The "Favelet" link should automatically update to use those values; you then simply drag it into your favorites toolbar.

LOG - Lightscreen - Screenshot freeware (Windows)

Lightscreen is a simple tool to automate the tedious process of saving and cataloging screenshots,Lightscreen est un outil simple pour automatiser le processus fastidieux d' enregistrement et le catalogage des captures d'écran, il fonctionne comme un processus d' arrière-plan caché qui est invoquée avec un (ou plusieurs ) raccourcis clavier et enregistre un fichier de capture d'écran sur le disque en fonction des préférences de l'utilisateur. Caractéristiques principales Peut exécuter au démarrage de Windows (caché ou l'affichage de la fenêtre principale ) . Icône de la barre système pour un accès facile. Cinq actions configurables , chacune avec sa propre touche de raccourci ( écran , fenêtre, région , etc.) Formats d'image multiples ( PNG , JPEG, etc ) et le sélecteur de qualité d'image . Une notification lorsque l' écran est prise. Retard de capture d'écran.

Meme Generator - Imgflip

It's a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text to images. It operates in HTML5 (if supported), so images are created instantly and you can draw on them. You can also add a scumbag hat or a custom image to the image you're captioning. Most commonly, people use the generator to add text captions to established memes, so technically it's more of a meme "captioner" than a meme maker. However, you can also upload your own images as templates

CSS - ONLINE TOOL - CSS Values | CSS Reference, Properties and Values, CSS3

Type a CSS property name into the box above. The page will automatically update as you type. Add a space after the full property name to avoid multiple results for certain keywords. The first value listed is the initial/default value for that property.

FLASH EDITOR - .sol Editor (Flash Shared Object) | Free Graphics software downloads at

This tool opens or create a Macromedia Flash shared object file (.sol) displays the content of the file and allow you to change the values.. A flash hacking alternative to variable editing and cheat engine, you can change values saved by the game in a “.sol” file. You will find the .SOL files in x:Documents and Settings[account-name]Application DataMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects followed by the name of the website. If the game was running from your computer, the .SOL will be in the “localhost” folder. Replace ‘x’ with your main drive, the one with your OS, and the account-name with the currently logged in user.

CSS - Super useful tools for CSS coding |

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Lorsque vous développez un site Web ou une application Web, avoir les bons outils peut certainement vous aider à économiser beaucoup de temps. Dans cet article, j'ai compilé une liste d'outils utiles et super pour le codage CSS

CSS - ONLINE TOOL - CREAT your SPRITE - Quickstart — glue 0.3 documentation

nstead of loading dozens of images, it is way better to load one big image and use the technique called CSS sprites. Glue is a simple command line tool to transform a set of images into a single file so you can easily use CSS sprites on your website. Super useful.

Gifsforum - Create a gif from youtube

Enter the Youtube url from which you would like to create your gif. You can choose the part , Filter , speed (limit 15seconds).