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March 2018

September 2017

CSS - DESIG ONLINE TOOL - Responsive web design tool, CMS, and hosting platform | Webflow

Webflow gives designers and developers the power to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually, while writing clean, semantic code for you.

June 2017

April 2017

CREATION - google - Autodraw - L'outil qui va faire de vous un artiste accompli ! - Korben

Si vous ne savez pas dessiner mais que vous sentez en vous, une folle pulsion créatrice vous envahir, Google a sorti un nouvel outil baptisé Autodraw qui devrait vous plaire. Il s'agit d'un outil de dessin qui vous permet de gribouiller ce que vous voulez, mais qui grâce à un système de machine learning, comprendra ce que vous avez dessiné et vous fera une suggestion de dessins d'artistes censés correspondre au vôtre.

LANGUE - Dictionnaire des expressions françaises Expressio - Reverso - signification, origine, étymologie

Prendre des vessies pour des lanternes: Angleterre = Ne pas distinguer son cul et son coude. Roumanie = Courir après des chevaux verts sur les murs.... Les expressions françaises décortiquées, explications sur l'origine, signification, exemples, traductions . Lire les commentaires!

SVG - ONLINE TOOL - 20 Useful SVG Tools for Better Graphics - Hongkiat

SVG is gaining popularity in web design these days and you can use tools like Illustrator or Inkscape to create SVG graphics. But when it comes to web design, we should always optimize for lighter results. Here the 20 tools that you can use to work with SVG quickly and efficiently. We have mostly online tools, that can help in optimization, conversion, making patterns, and more.


You can perform a wide variety of designs, art as the icon of DRAW-SVG, mapping, technical, presentation slides, etc. ..

March 2015

JAVASCRIPT - jsunpack - a generic JavaScript unpacker

The Extracted URLs lists, (2 files) for instance, indicates how many decodings or other files were created when trying to decode JavaScript. If this column shows (1 files) it means that there were no decodings and that a static scanner would be just as effective at detecting content. However, if there are more than one file, a decoding likely occurred, and jsunpack can match against additional content. A malicious URL with only (1 files) is less likely to be malicious because attackers commonly hide their content when delivering exploits or other malicious content. The Extracted URLs displays files grouped by URL, so the originally file that triggered the rule and all of the other files are all connected to another. It is more common that the attacker will try to hide content and create 2 or more decodings. Jsunpack was originally designed to handle complicated cases of decoding where there were 5 stages of decoding, although such cases are rare, generally the more decoding levels (and therefore files), the more likely the attacker is trying to hide something of value. Thanks for using jsunpack!

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