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Freepath is a Free File Sharing and Presentation Solution

Windows only: Create and mix your own file and media playlists with Freepath. Users can create file playlists from a variety of sources: files from their own computers, video files found on YouTube, photos from Flickr, nearly anything you can drag and drop from the web or your own computer can be dumped into Freepath. Once the files are placed within a playlist, users can opt to keep the list as spartan or create a slideshow complete with transitions and extra effects. One of the more unique features of Freepath is that files remain editable once they are embedded into the playlist.


Voicethread __Work With Flickr___The human voice around photographs

The human voice around photographs.This one is really simple and "lovely". Photos are a way to share experience and when you show photos to someone else, your voice is often an accompanying narrative adding a story. Voicethread allows the viewers of ph

PowerSnap___Desktop Flickr app,

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if you want a more-developed desktop Flickr app, check out PowerSnap (review). It is Flash-based, and its animation is not as smooth as Nostalgia's, but it handles Flickr's tags a bit more gracefully and works with photos on your hard drive as well.


Kinoma Player 3 EX (Anglais), _Palm Software - Visionner des vidéos et images et écouter de la musique sur Palm - Pdassi France - Grands logiciels pour petits ordinateurs

Kinoma Player 3 EX est un paquet complet pour regarder films, vidéos et photos, et écouter de la musique sur PDA. Le lecteur supporte les fichiers au format MPEG-4, les fichiers musicaux AAC et les images JPEG sans conversion. Qualités du programme: #

Pocket Tunes, Lecteur MP3 pour PalmOS 5 - Palm Software - Pdassi France - Grands logiciels pour petits ordinateurs

Pocket Tunes est disponible en version Deluxe avec de nouvelles fonctions, entre autres l'accés aux boutiques de musique en ligne. Pocket Tunes est maintenant en version allemande. Pocket Tunes transforme le PDA Palm en un Jukebox portatif. Données audi

Flickeur_ fait une video à partir de photos de chez flickr

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“retrieves random images from and creates a stream-of-consciousness type of video clip”.