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WinSetupFromUSB - How to install Windows XP / Vista / 7 from USB Stick / Flash Drive - BitHacker's Tumblr

Here’s how to create a Windows XP, bootable, USB key. This is very useful especially persons using Netbook or in the case that your PC is not equipped with a DVD/CD player or its is out of order. Creating your bootable USB key: First of all, you will need: A USB key (capacity:1 or 2 GB;) A Windows XP CD ( official version ) or an ISO image of Windows XP A PC with a CD player and a USB key And this software WinSetupFromUSB : [Used in this article]If you’re trying to install Windows 7 on a netbook, Microsoft is making things even easier. Just use the Windows 7 USB tool.

Boot Multiple ISO from USB (MultiBoot USB) | USB Pen Drive Linux

How to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive that you can use to Boot Multiple ISO Files from USB. Please note that you might need a 8GB-16GB or larger USB flash device to be able to support every bootable ISO entry. I will update and add more Bootable ISO files to the list as I find the time to test them. You can also contact me to submit working Bootable Linux ISO menu.lst entries for inclusion.


Tuto pour Graphical Boot Manager 4.7

trouver un gestionnaire de boot ou « boot manager ». Ici, on utilisera GAG (Graphical Boot Manager 4.7) 2) créer la disquette ou le CD de boot (image ISO à graver) du boot manager Pour créer la disquette d'installation (dont l'image se trouve dans

GAG Graphical Boot Manager_____C'est le top des Boot Manager

C'est le top des Boot Manager : Permet de choisir au démarrage sur quelle partition la machine doit se lancer, ce qui s'avère pratique lorsque sur un même disque dur sont installés plusieurs systèmes d'exploitation (Windows et Linux, par exemple).

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