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How To Unlock the iTunes Music Store - Creating Random Playlists in iTunes 8 « // Internet Duct Tape

A lot of people don’t bother turning on the iTunes Music Store because it requires a credit card. Actually, there’s a couple of ways of bypassing the credit card requirement. The most common method is: 1. Find a free iTunes “redeem” code somewhere on the web 2. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes music store 3. Click on the “Redeem” link (on the right side, near the top) 4. You’ll be prompted to create an iTunes music store account, but with the “None” option unlocked so you don’t require a credit card.


How to Upload MP3 Music Files to Flickr or Picasa Web Albums

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To hide an MP3 file into a JPEG image, copy the MP3 file and a picture into a folder. Open the command prompt window (Start –> Run –> cmd) and switch to this folder. Now run the following command: copy /b my_picture.jpg + my_song.mp3 my_new_picture.jpg Remember to replace my_picture and my_song with relevant file names. Next, upload the my_new_picture.jpg file to Flickr. The MP3 song picture will look just like any other regular photograph that you share on Flickr

Listen To Pandora In Winamp

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If you have the latest version of Winamp (Winamp 5.32), you can add Pandora, a great online personalized radio, to Media Library so you can listen to the music without opening Pandora in a browser.


Pandora__Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of - Lifehacker

create your own radio stations, find new, original music and share your stations with friends, just to list a few. This week I've got 15 ways to get better music - and better performance - out of Pandora.

EAC - ExactAudioCopy

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EAC - ExactAudioCopy Le meilleur rippeur !! Install ou non au choix, Français (avec fichier langue additionnel) . Lire ce Tutorial pour le configurer.

Foobar2000____Hack Attack: Roll your own killer audio player with - Lifehacker

If you love to tweak and customize your software applications to work just the way you want, extensibility is key - and the free audio player for Windows, foobar2000, is the most extensible player on the market.

Album art _______Whip your MP3 library into shape, Part II - - Lifehacker

There are a number of tools that can fix or restore your songs' album art. I recommend MediaMonkey (Windows), which, in addition to being one of the all-time great music managers, provides excellent album-art features.

Des nouvelles de MusicBrainz

MusicBrainz est une base de données sur les albums de musique permettant de récupérer les informations (auteur, titre...) relatives à un CD ou un morceau (un peu comme FreeDB ou CDDB). Cette base de données est alimentée et modérée par une communa

Move iTunes to another computer and keep library data intact

The HiFi Blog details the process of moving your iTunes library to a new computer while preserving your library data (e.g., play count, playlists, etc.).


Mmods FreePlayer____FreePlayer.Org __tableau comparatif des options

Il existe de nombreux mods FreePlayer, est en choisir un est difficile ? FreePlayer.Org possède la solution qui va vous permettre de faire un choix dans cette jungle grâce à un tableau comparatif des options de chacun.

Switch _convertir facilement ___ rm vers mp3,

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logiciel pour convertir facilement rm vers mp3, c'est switch. vs le trouvrez sur cette adresse

Turn Google into your own personal (free) Napster - Lifehacker

Google is good for so many things, among which is searching for all sorts of files, including MP3's. Here's a quick primer: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "Nirvana"