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June 2007

La diffusion de musique sur Internet : dossier de la bibliothèque de Genève

Dossier: "MP3 : la musique du changement".Et "Musique en ligne : la discothèque publique face à la médiathèque universelle? "(dans la Revue électronique suisse de science de l'information, 2006)Les bibliothèques municipales de Genève proposent des

March 2007

Foobar2000____Hack Attack: Roll your own killer audio player with - Lifehacker

If you love to tweak and customize your software applications to work just the way you want, extensibility is key - and the free audio player for Windows, foobar2000, is the most extensible player on the market.

February 2007

Album art _______Whip your MP3 library into shape, Part II - - Lifehacker

There are a number of tools that can fix or restore your songs' album art. I recommend MediaMonkey (Windows), which, in addition to being one of the all-time great music managers, provides excellent album-art features.

January 2007

Historical Sounds in MP3 Format___The Free Information Society -

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This collection of audio files is intended to archive the greatest speeches in recorded history. Most of the files are from the 20th century, but there are a few exceptions, such as the Edison recordings. Feel free to download, distribute, and learn from

Des nouvelles de MusicBrainz

MusicBrainz est une base de données sur les albums de musique permettant de récupérer les informations (auteur, titre...) relatives à un CD ou un morceau (un peu comme FreeDB ou CDDB). Cette base de données est alimentée et modérée par une communa

Jajuk (Just Another Jukebox)________All platforms___Lifehacker

Windows/Mac/Unix: Free, open source program Jajuk (Just Another Jukebox) is a music management app chocked full of interesting features. For example, Jajuk boasts integration with Wikipedia, several advanced playlisting and filtering tools, automatic cove

August 2006

MusicMoz - Open Music Project

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MusicMoz is a comprehensive directory of all things music, edited by volunteers. We list, and accept submissions of, music-related reviews, articles, factual information, biographies, and websites. You can browse the site using our hierarchy of categories

March 2006