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iPod Without iTunes

Now that I own an iPod, the question is how can I use it without allowing the control freak spyware and crapware loaded iTunes on my computer? ITunes is designed to sell you Apple’s products, while it offers some features that allow you to manipulate your existing collection it limits your flexibility and dictates its terms. The default settings control synchronization and set them up automatically so unless you adjust your settings just right it kicks things off the minute you plug in your iPod. It installs software without asking, changes things without permission, I gave it 5 minutes on a test machine and it was gone.

How To Unlock the iTunes Music Store - Creating Random Playlists in iTunes 8 « // Internet Duct Tape

A lot of people don’t bother turning on the iTunes Music Store because it requires a credit card. Actually, there’s a couple of ways of bypassing the credit card requirement. The most common method is: 1. Find a free iTunes “redeem” code somewhere on the web 2. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes music store 3. Click on the “Redeem” link (on the right side, near the top) 4. You’ll be prompted to create an iTunes music store account, but with the “None” option unlocked so you don’t require a credit card.


Hack Attack: The self-sustaining iPod_utiliser l'Ipod sans Itunes c'est possible...

By the end of this little tutorial, you'll be able to rip a CD, sync the MP3s to your iPod, then play any music off your iPod from any computer without ever having to install anything on that computer - and not once will you have to open iTunes to do it.

Feature: The 20 Best iPod Utilities

Transfer (and Play) Music to and from Your iPod. Converters: Video and Audiobook. Miscellaneous iPod Utilities. Upgrades for Older iPods. iPhone and iPod touch Only

Main Page - Winamp iPod plugin ml_iPod

ml_ipod is a Winamp plug-in that allows extensive support for the iPod. The ml_ipod main site can be found here


Anapod Explorer™ iPod Software, iPod Backup, iTunes Alternative, iPod Transfer, iPod Manager, iPod Management, iPod Explorer, iPod Utility, iTunes Replacement, iPod Copy, iPod Freeware, iPod Managing, PC Software, Windows Software, Windows Vista Softwar

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napod is the most advanced Windows iPod software available, offering iPod management through full Windows Explorer integration under My Computer, easy drag and drop iPod copy, iPod transfer and iPod backup, PDA function support, photo and video transfer,

Move iTunes to another computer and keep library data intact

The HiFi Blog details the process of moving your iTunes library to a new computer while preserving your library data (e.g., play count, playlists, etc.).


Gérer son iPod sur PC sous Windows - La Communauté Informatique NDFR

on peut tout simplement ne pas aimer iTunes, et vouloir utiliser autre chose. Mais quoi? Essais et critique des différentes alternatives à Itunes : tres bien fait

Viewing Album Art in Winamp 5

If anyone is interested, there is a handy plugin to view album art in the video window for winamp 5. Click "WA5 Plugin", then "Download for Winamp5/Winamp2 (V3.3.0) "

iPod -> Folder (Windows/Mac) -Download of the Day: Lifehacker

Windows and Mac OS X only: Freeware program iPod -> Folder allows users a super-simple way to do a full backup of their iPod on any Mac or Windows computer.

YamiPod__Yamipod, le prometteur : un des utilitaires présentés les plus complets__Yet another iPod manager - Home

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Très complet, récent : un petit bijou de fonctionnalités, et c'est un des utilitaires présentés les plus complets. Outre les fonctions classiques de playlists, sync et transfert, il permet d'aller chercher les paroles automatiquementsync RSS et podca