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Merge MP3__Regroupe plusieurs mp3 en seul__Freeware LifeHacker

It is often necessary to merge multiple sound files into one recording. This need may arise for various reasons: merge ripped CD tracks into one, combine multiple chapters of an audiobook, etc. There are many great programs to achieve this, but very few of them are actually free. I've discovered that while all of these programs perform the task well, they also contain lots of other features, making them too complicated for the tasks

Merge MP3 Combines Audio Files in Drag-and-Drop Interface

The application is tiny, the interface familiar, and it will allow you to drag-and-drop MP3 files onto a playlist, change the order, preview the audio, and then mix them all down to a single MP3 files along with APIC images and ID3 meta-data. Perfect for creating a mix or joining files from an audiobook you've ripped from multiple CDs. Merge MP3 is a free download for Windows.


Conversion real.rm.ram en wav |

faut d'abord télécharger un plug-in pour pouvoir écouter le format real sur winamp.

Enlever voix chanson - Recherche Google

Il y a quelques programmes qui bidouilleent tant bien que mal pour enlever les voix. Nero le fait avec Wave editor, fonction karaoké, sinon, il y a Novoice.

mp3DirectCut _ Couper ses MP3 avec |

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Couper ses MP3 avec mp3DirectCut Posté par dlb le 25/2/2004 Comment couper ses mp3 quand ils sont trop longs ou bien lorsque vous avez plusieurs chansons en un seul morceau? Ben c'est simple, il suffit de prendre le logiciel mp3DirectCut.