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BIB - - Partitions et des MP3 libres de droits - Musique Classique

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Ecouter ou de télécharger gratuitement, des centaines de morceaux de musiques classiques des plus grands auteurs connus(Grande quantité de morceaux déjà présent et qualité des interprétations). Musopen, propose à des musiciens professionnels d'enregistrer les morceaux, en les payant bien sur, mais ils ne mettent aucun copyright sur leur musique, ainsi, nous, les internautes, pouront librement télécharger tous ces morceaux en toute légalité. Bref Musopen veut libérer la musique classique afin qu'elle soit accessible à tous, et ça a plutôt l'air de fonctionner.

Konvertor est un programme de conversion/visualisation de fichiers - (l'extension Rif de Painter - Corel , entre autre) Plus d'infos

Il affiche, lit et convertit les fichiers graphiques, audios, textes et videos. 1750 formats sont traités. Cliquez ici ou sur 'Plus d'infos' pour en avoir la liste. Plusieurs versions de Konvertor batch existent. Elles n'exigent aucune interaction et sont lancées en ligne de commande (ou à partir d'un autre programme) avec comme seul paramètre un fichier de type .ini décrivant les divers paramètres possibles (dossier cible, recherche récursive, type de compression, redimentionnement etc...) Cliquez ici ici pour plus de détails.

Inline Mp3 Player (Google version) - userscripts

Remplace un lien vers un fichier MP3 par un lecteur multimédia, comme sur google video :Testé ici sur un site de banque de sons... ça aide !


Merge MP3__Regroupe plusieurs mp3 en seul__Freeware LifeHacker

It is often necessary to merge multiple sound files into one recording. This need may arise for various reasons: merge ripped CD tracks into one, combine multiple chapters of an audiobook, etc. There are many great programs to achieve this, but very few of them are actually free. I've discovered that while all of these programs perform the task well, they also contain lots of other features, making them too complicated for the tasks

Merge MP3 Combines Audio Files in Drag-and-Drop Interface

The application is tiny, the interface familiar, and it will allow you to drag-and-drop MP3 files onto a playlist, change the order, preview the audio, and then mix them all down to a single MP3 files along with APIC images and ID3 meta-data. Perfect for creating a mix or joining files from an audiobook you've ripped from multiple CDs. Merge MP3 is a free download for Windows.

Google Inline MP3 Player User Script Streams Linked MP3s

Firefox with Greasemonkey) "The Google Inline MP3 Player Greasemonkey script inserts Google Reader's MP3 Flash player next to any linked MP3 file you stumble onto while browsing."


Geek to Live: Build an internet jukebox with Jinzora - Lifehacker

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You know how to set up a home web server to get to your files from anywhere, but when it comes to music, a pure web server's not the best interface. BUT THIS Free, open source software CALLED Jinzora installed on your home server, you can browse your musi

Foobar2000:Foobar2000 - Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase

foobar2000 is a freeware audio player, and more. Apart from audio playback, it also supports media libraries, file conversion, CD ripping, and many more powerful features.

Foobar2000__Player MP3__ Configuration Distribution Thread - Hydrogenaudio Forums

to configure their foobar to look and function like mine, I am pleased to advise that a pratical and fast solution has been authorized for the transfer of settings. I have received official notification that users are allowed to share their foobar2000.cfg

Fooblog2000 » FofR Configuration v0.6 (a Foobar2000 resource)

To summarise my improvements, all configurations and settings have been shifted down to the bottom menu which now comes with it’s own tabs. Making new themes has been made easier - each theme has its colour variables defined in a separate track display


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FB2K is the music geeks tool of choice. If you like ultra-configurable then this is your Mecca. On the other hand don't approach this player if you want something easy to set up. FB2K is critically acclaimed for it's extensibility (there is an active foru

Foobar2000____Hack Attack: Roll your own killer audio player with - Lifehacker

If you love to tweak and customize your software applications to work just the way you want, extensibility is key - and the free audio player for Windows, foobar2000, is the most extensible player on the market.

Foobar2000____Screenshot Tour: The beautiful and varied world of - Lifehacker

There's lots of great stuff inside the gallery, including detailed explanations of how some of their skins were achieved. If you see something you like and you want more details, feel free to comment on the specific gallery page and ask the contributor ho

Convert DRM-protected WMA files to unprotected MP3s

Web site Instructables details how to free your purchased Windows Media Audio files from the confines of both DRM and WMA.

Mp3tag___program works the best to add album art allowing you to choose from many different credible sources including Amazon.

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for all my file tagging and album art needs... This program works the best to add album art allowing you to choose from many different credible sources including Amazon... Plus it''s FREE!

Historical Sounds in MP3 Format___The Free Information Society -

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This collection of audio files is intended to archive the greatest speeches in recorded history. Most of the files are from the 20th century, but there are a few exceptions, such as the Edison recordings. Feel free to download, distribute, and learn from

musiCutter________Site de l'auteur

musiCutter0.7.1 Site de l'auteur_Win 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP - 359 ko_Outil pour découper ou joindre des fichiers mp3 et ogg sans avoir besoin de les décoder/réencoder.Des schémas de découpe au format CUE sheet,XMCD ou txt peuvent être importés.

The unofficial Pandora-eMusic mashup

eMusic has put together an unofficial mashup of the two popular music sites.As Pandora plays away, the track and album currently playing show up for download at eMusic. Granted, you can always use Pandora's Jar to download and save music from Pandora for

Move iTunes to another computer and keep library data intact

The HiFi Blog details the process of moving your iTunes library to a new computer while preserving your library data (e.g., play count, playlists, etc.).