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April 2009

Nexplore - Search in a visual fashion - On the Web, news, videos, images, blogs and podcasts.

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The web-based service shows also related Wikipedia definitions for your searched keywords. Results can be displayed in three ways: summary, line, gallery, and can be shared on the Internet.

October 2008

VideoSurf Finds People Inside Web Videos

Search site and aggregator VideoSurf isn't perfect at what it tries to do, but it can be occasionally, surprisingly good at spotting particular faces inside videos. The indexing engine (currently in beta, of course) sorts through videos from most of the popular Flash-based sites and lets you search to find only videos with, say, Jerry Seinfeld's actual image in them. A few of my searches turned up false positives, but others yielding surprising accuracy, and VideoSurf's interface lets you skip right to the sections featuring your searched man or woman. VideoSurf is a free to use, though you can sign up to save your searches.

September 2008

Video search engine - Google personnalisé - Userscript

Searches for videos : recherche 24 sites, notamment:

March 2008

Recherche vidéo sur Truveo

Le robot analyse aussi les méta-données de type RSS et trouve beaucoup plus de contenus vidéo que les autres robots. Ainsi, en deux ans, Truveo aurait indexé bien plus de vidéos que ses concurrents