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June 2018

URL - BOOKMARKLET - Up! - » Bookmarklets by Ben Alman

Up! is similar to the Google Toolbar’s “Up a Level” button, but works in a more “micro” scope. First any #anchor is removed, then any ?querystring, then any filename, then any folders (one at a time). After that, hostnames are removed, and when nothing else is left to remove, www. is prepended to the domain, for good measure! Here is a simple illustration of how a URL would change through iterations:

December 2017

FIR 57 (UserCSS + about:config) - Custom CSS tweaks for Firefox 57+ - GitHub - Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx:

'about:config' tweaks (To revert changes right-click entry and select 'reset'): - Tab audio icon browser.tabs.showAudioPlayingIcon - Insert related tab after current tab (suggestion: enable / set to 'true') browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent - Titlebar browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar - Searchbar: open search results in new tab - Reader mode reader.parse-on-load.enabled - Geolocation (suggestion: disable / set to 'false') geo.enabled - Pocket (suggestion: disable / set to 'false') extensions.pocket.enabled - Anti fingerprinting (Caution: browser might behave in unforseen ways!) privacy.resistFingerprinting read: Fingerprinting info at Mozilla Wiki tweaks ***** Suggested ui tweaks ***** - Toolbar modes (suggestion: compact mode) Customize mode > Density > Compact / Normal / Touch - Titlebar modes (suggestion: Firefox titlebar ['application/hamburger button in titlebar' only works in Firefox titlebar]) Customize mode > Title Bar > uncheck checkbox Drag space above tabs toolbar (suggestion: disable drag space ['application/hamburger button in titlebar' works best without drag space]) Customize mode > Drag Space > uncheck checkbox Bookmarks menu button on bookmarks toolbar Customize mode > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar Customize mode > move 'bookmarks menu' button to bookmark toolbars end Downloads button always visible Customize mode > downloads button > click on button and uncheck 'Auto-hide' Searchbar (suggestion: placed after location bar) Customize mode > Search(bar) > move to navigation toolbar Flexible spaces (suggestion: remove spaces after and before location bar) Customize mode > grab and drag flexible space into palette

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