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March 2014

image - Responsive - JAVASCRIPT (PHP) - Adaptive Images in HTML

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How is it different? Adaptive-Images aims to mitigate the problems inherent with Filament Group's method. It is designed to be entirely non-destructive so that it will work with any CMS or even with existing mark-up, without a need to edit anything. It creates and manages its own resized images using your existing images as the source, and it will adapt to the same resolution brackets your site does with the CSS3 @media queries used in your Responsive Design. It can do all of this because it already has the high resolution version to work on (it's the one referenced in the mark-up).

November 2013

PHOTO (Tool Online) - Générer des photos avec votre application mobile dessus « Korben Korben

un petit générateur de photo baptisé Breezi, sur lequel il vous suffit de glisser déposer une image aux bonnes dimensions (c'est comme le Port-Salut, c'est écrit dessus) a