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July 2007

Existe-t-il des alternatives au n95 de Nokia :Le E800 _de Y5WORL_test__ ::

Le E800 de Y5WORL: idem White, Wi-Fi. 72 h en veille / 5 h en com., 32 Mo Flash/64 Mo SDRAM, detection automatique des Hot spots ( 300 m) et IE 6.0 .API à venir, Skype et la VoIP natif.Et E900: = E800 comme Black, GSM . Quadri-bande, 1Go de TransFl

April 2007

Geek to Live: Flickr Advanced User Guide - Lifehacker

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I published an article here on Lifehacker called Tips for Flickr beginners, a quick rundown on how to get started on Flickr. One year later I'm still as big a Flickr fan and user as ever, so it's about time to point out some of the more advanced features