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Configurer l'affichage de Firefox pour WideScreen (Couch Surfing-Friendly ) - Apple mais adaptable à Pc - - Tweaks - Lifehacker

Firefox: Si vous utilisez Firefox systématiquement à une distance lors de présentations ou de votre canapé, par exemple, cette combinaison intelligente de Tweaks Firefox la rend plus facile pour vos yeux. 1. Téléchargez ce fichier userChrome.css ici. 2. Placez le userChrome.css 'dans le dossier suivant: ~ / Bibliothèque / Application Support / Firefox / Profiles / [profil]-name / chrome / [Ed. Note: Ils utilisent Mac OS X, reportez-vous cet article de la Base de connaissances MozillaZine pour trouver l'emplacement du dossier de profil dans votre système d'exploitation.] 3. Installez le plugin en cliquant sur Non Squint ici. 4. Changer de page par défaut du plugin n Squint de «plein niveau de zoom" mise à 150%. 5. Installer un thème qui fonctionne avec la taille du texte augmenté. J'ai choisi Hexxya, Qui utilise également des icônes plus petites de sorte que vous pouvez voir plus de votre barre d'adressei. 6. Profitez de votre navigateur Firefox HD!Firefox Dix Mode Couch Foot

Get Google Toolbar's Features Without the Toolbar - LifeHacker

Google's Toolbar does a few nifty things, but it is, well, a browser toolbar. And it might track your browsing without permission. Here's how to get most of its features without having to install it, or nearly any extra software.


Fireclip ___Creer une page qui contient plusieurs portions d'autres Pages__Brings Mac-Like Web Clipping to Firefox__Featured Firefox Extension:

Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): Fireclip, a free plug-in that monitors specific sections of web pages, puts the at-a-glance convenience of the OS X widget screen in a Firefox tab. Using Fireclip is darned easy. Activate with a shortcut (Alt+Q) or from the Tools menu, and its sidebar pops out. Hit "Select Clip," and you can mouse around to see the pre-defined sections of the page. Click once, and you'll be asked to re-size your selection with the familiar two-directional arrows at the edges of your are


FfChrome Compacts Firefox's Right-Click Menu

Windows/Mac/Linux (Firefox): FfChrome, a free add-on for Firefox browsers, lets users who do a lot of link-grabbing, picture saving, and other right-click-type operations decide exactly what they should see when they right-click anything in their browser. Once the extension is installed, users can check or un-check particular context menu items, such as the "Email this" tools, to and create a trim right-click box with just the essentials. Hover over the "Show All" option, though, and everything rolls out. FfChrome doesn't appear to support right-click items brought in by other extensions, though, so hopefully the developer will work the add-on into those options.

Instantly Locate Yourself on Google Maps

Instantly Locate Yourself on Google Maps Firefox with Greasemonkey (All platforms): The Google Maps & Geode Greasemonkey user script adds a small Current Position link next to the Google Maps search box that instantly locates you on a map using Firefox's new geolocation technology. To use this script right now, you'll need to install the previously mentioned Geode Firefox extension—but as soon as Greasemonkey supports Firefox 3.1, which itself supports geolocation natively, you won't need any extra extensions. Since so many Google Maps searches start at your current location, whether you're getting directions or looking for nearby businesses, this quick link cuts out the work of entering in your address each time. Handy!

Customize Your Own Portable Firefox Six Pack

Firefox user Asian Angel loves Portable Firefox for projects like creating a Google Chrome clone, but you can also use it to run multiple, sandboxed instances of the browser at the same time. What's the point? Well, it lets you log into multiple accounts at the same service (like Gmail) in different windows, and run certain extensions and styles in one browser instance but not another. You already know how to create multiple Firefox profiles and even run them simultaneously, but using Portable Firefox you can easily back up your customized installations and run them anywhere. Reader Asian Angel explains how she assembled a colorful "Firefox six pack" using the portable app.

Screenshot Tour: A Closer Look at Fennec, the Mobile Firefox Browser

Mozilla's Firefox-like browser for mobile phones, code-named Fennec, has been released as a free alpha preview for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems (and Nokia N810 Internet Tablets). As you would expect with an alpha preview, it's a bit buggy, and not all the features are in place, but it's intriguing to see how Mozilla plans to smoosh Firefox 3's features onto the tiniest screens. If you want to know what Firefox on your phone might look like, read on for detailed screenshots and a rundown of Fennec's features.

Screenshot Tour: Mozilla Weave Synchronizes Your Browsing Experience

Weave can match up your Firefox 3 settings, cookies, browsing history, and even tabs between browsers, with experimental support for passwords and form data—in other words, just about everything except extensions, themes, and plug-ins.

Featured Firefox Extension: CyberSearch Integrates Search Results with Your AwesomeBar

The CyberSearch Firefox extension transforms Firefox 3's AwesomeBar into a dynamic search box capable of returning results from popular sites like Wikipedia, Google, and more. The extension is fully customizable

Dropbox Syncs and Backs Up Files Between Computers Instantaneously

Syncs your files over the internet and to any computer. Create a Dropbox folder on your hard drive. Any file you put inside that folder will automatically be synced and monitored for changes, at each time a change , it backs up and syncs the file again.

RAMBack Frees Memory from Firefox 3 on Demand

Firefox extension RAMBack manually frees up memory from Firefox to keep your favorite web browser running light. Once installed, RAMBack adds a Clear Caches entry to Firefox's Tools menu.

Anthony Lieuallen's Greasemonkey Compiler___Better Flickr is a compilation of work done by several Greasemonkey scripters

Creates a full fledged Firefox XPI (extension) from a greasemonkey script._I modified the output of the compiler to include multiple scripts with the ability to enable and disable individual features.

Picture in Picture extension___Aka PiP, overlays videos from sites like YouTube in the corner of any other tab.

That way you can keep an eye on the video while you're going about the rest of your browsing business. You can set your preferred size for the picture-in-picture video to make it as small or large as you want,

ErrorZilla Plus__Extension Firefox : re-tries the unreachable URL using a web proxy — Perfect for getting around your offices IT lockdown blocks or accessing forbidden sites in China.

Adds useful options to the "Server not found" page when you follow a a dead or problematic link. The difference: ErrorZilla Plus adds a Proxify option that re-tries the unreachable URL using a web proxy

Auto Context Saves Time with Your Right-Click

Auto Context Firefox extension automatically shows your right-click context menu as soon as you select text on a web page, taking a step out of your workflow if the right-click menu is your go-to toolbox.

Email This! Sends Selected Text via Right-Click___Extention firefox

Pasting text from your browser into emails, : a right-click (or toolbar) menu lets you directly compose a new Gmail, Yahoo, or Google Apps web mail message with the selected text, or pass it into a mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook.

HP Smart Web Printing __Works With Any Printer_Imprimer plusieurs pages ou extraits sur une Page_Saves Tons of Paper

Combines clips from any number of web pages into one page, so you don't have to print five different pages of filler to get one page worth of information. The too works with any printer—integrates directly with both Firefox and Internet Explorer

Firefox 3 Beta: Make Your Extensions Work with the Firefox 3 Beta

# Type about:config into Firefox # Right-click anywhere> New>Boolean >new config value >extensions.checkCompatibility and set it to false. # Make another new boolean pair called extensions.checkUpdateSecurity > set the value to false. # Restart Firefox.

Google Inline MP3 Player User Script Streams Linked MP3s

Firefox with Greasemonkey) "The Google Inline MP3 Player Greasemonkey script inserts Google Reader's MP3 Flash player next to any linked MP3 file you stumble onto while browsing."

Manage Your Account from Your Desktop with Netlicious

View and manage all of your bookmarks, like a traditional desktop newsreader or email application, with all your tags in the left sidebar, individual bookmarks in a top pane, and a browser preview for bookmarks below that.

Firefox Preloader___Speed Up Firefox Launch

Windows only: Free, open source application Firefox Preloader loads some components of Firefox into your computer's memory before you launch Firefox for the first time.


Mini Map Sidebar__Featured Firefox Extension: Map Addresses in Your Sidebar - Lifehacker

Map addresses, get directions, manage locations, and preview Google Earth KML files in your sidebar with Firefox extension Mini Map

HTTP-to-HTTPS redirector

lets you define a list of URLs you want to make sure always use https.

Web Surfing: Browse restricted websites with Virtual-Browser - Virtual-Browser is a free and anonymous web-based proxy service. ___Lifehacker

No software to install or complicated instructions to follow. Just enter a URL (website address) in the form above. Through Virtual-Browser, you can use websites but they cannot uniquely identify or track you. Virtual-Browser hides your real IP address an

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