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October 2008

Battle of the Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Gizmodo shows off its promiscuous use of every smartphone on the block in an informative explainer about the current roster of mobile operating systems out there, from Windows Mobile, iPhone 2.0, and Android to Symbian, BlackBerry, and Palm. In the wake of the iPhone 3G and on the eve of Android's launch, we want to know: which flavor of smartphone OS is your favorite? Cast your vote below. More »

Hive Five: Five Best Sites to Stream TV

the five most popular answers. Keep reading for a breakdown of the best places on the web to find and watch the shows you love on-demand from the convenience of your browser.

Hive Five Winner for Best Windows Firewall: Comodo Firewall Pro

Hive Five Winner for Best Windows Firewall: Comodo Firewall Pro Comodo Firewall Pro took home the top honors in this weekend's Hive Five Best Windows Firewalls, followed by the default Windows Firewall and your router's built-in firewall in a close race for second and third.

September 2008

Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done

The question is, which clients and tools are the best? For this week's Hive Five, we want you to share your favorite utilities in your BitTorrent toolbox. Keep reading for more details and to nominate the torrent tool you love.

June 2008

Email This! Sends Selected Text via Right-Click___Extention firefox

Pasting text from your browser into emails, : a right-click (or toolbar) menu lets you directly compose a new Gmail, Yahoo, or Google Apps web mail message with the selected text, or pass it into a mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook.

May 2008

SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, IE7

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Great Tweaks Replace The Shell Change The Look Hack The System Play With Code Internet Utilities Security Tools Networking Performance Multimedia Try Out Linux Other OS

February 2008

Feature: The 20 Best iPod Utilities

Transfer (and Play) Music to and from Your iPod. Converters: Video and Audiobook. Miscellaneous iPod Utilities. Upgrades for Older iPods. iPhone and iPod touch Only

October 2007

Disable Automatic Windows Restart with Auto Reboot Remover

Selectively enable or disable the automatic system restart that's applied after certain Windows Updates with freeware application Auto Reboot Remover.Quickest, easiest way to disable the auto reboot process. Auto Reboot Remover is freeware, Windows only.

August 2007

HTTP-to-HTTPS redirector

lets you define a list of URLs you want to make sure always use https.

July 2007

quotecollapse_Thunderbird - : index

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It automatically collapses all quotes, and expands them again on a click. Hold down SHIFT while clicking, and all quotes contained in the current one will be collapsed/expanded. Hold down CTRL, and all quotes of the same nesting level will be toggled. Hol

Web Surfing: Use Google as a free proxy - Lifehacker

What you can do now is use Google translator service (language tools) as a proxy to bypass the restrictions set for our connection!However, this strategy didn't work for many of you. Let us know if Virtual-Browser does the trick

ClipCase___Advanced clipboard formatting

Windows only: Freeware application ClipCase formats the text in your clipboard in a number of very useful ways—from line break removal to different capitalization schemes—designed to help you clean up text before you paste it elsewhere.

"invisible web" or "deep web" Special: Seek and Ye Shall Find - Lifehacker

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The term "invisible web" or "deep web" refers to the vast repository of information that search engines and directories don't have direct access to, like databases at university libraries, sites that require passwords to view, or sites that for some reaso

Faire un noeux impossible à défaire___The Impossible Knot Video

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instructif , à ne pas oublier..... Une blague cruelle à la fin de la video

June 2007

ThumbStrips Firefox extension___View your history in thumbnails

Browse history in a filmstrip-style series of thumbnail images by clicking the statusbar icon to toggle the ThumbStrips view, then using your mouse , filtering by sites visited or by live keyword searching.You can start and stop recording at any time.

PDF-XChange Viewer___Fill out any PDF

Quick PDF reader that lets you perform all kinds of useful PDF editing tasks. - Typewriter editing mode, overlay text anywhere—for filling out forms ..- Thumbnail previews - nice tabbed interface, bookmarks - Sticky notes. Not replace Foxit Reader, but

Upload Picasa pics to Flickr with Picasa2Flickr

Windows only: The Picasa2Flickr plugin adds a button to Picasa that lets you directly upload selected pictures to your Flickr account from the comfort of Picasa.Not the prettiest implementation the world has ever seen, but it works like a charm.

Foxit Reader 2.0 (Windows)___The only PDF reader you'll ever need

Foxit loads up practically instantly, and never frozen . Offers an interactive form filler, support for add-ons, Javascript support, improved printing, and more. Foxit is likely the only PDF reader you'll ever need

Filter image search results by category with Google Image Type Recognition

The script adds a drop-down box on the search results page that lets you choose your filter type. Just last week we noticed that Google enabled face recognition in their image search

Better Flickr version 0.2 now available

An upgrade to Lifehacker's own Better Flickr Firefox extension.Adds 4 more fabulous scripts that offer HTML controls on comment boxes, handy user and photos size links and rollover access to photo metadata.

Turn your webcam into a photo booth with Cameroid

Web site Cameroid lets you play photo booth with any webcam online .The web site is basically a web version of Mac's PhotoBooth program, offering you different effects for your pics, from colorful filters and scenes to the popular morph settings.

Firefox Tip: Paste multiple lines to input boxes - Lifehacker

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Type "about:config" in the location bar. In the "Filter" field type "singleline." You can set the value to 2 for editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines, which will allow pasting of multiple lines to input boxes.

Upgrade Flickr with the Better Flickr Firefox extension_______ Lifehacker Code: - Lifehacker

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les meilleurs scripts firefox pour flickr en une seule extension ..... A few of my favorites into a new Firefox extension called Better Flickr. After the jump, check out Better Flickr's features and grab the download.

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