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December 2006

Outils graphiques en français

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Editeurs graphiques DAO - dessin vectoriel - 3 D Visualisations d'images Traitement des photos numériques - Albums photos Copies d'écran OCR - Photocopie Outils Gif animés

April 2006

Flickr: What is HDR - HDR

t stands for High Dynamic Range. It's a feature in Photoshop CS2 or Photomatix. It's basically a way to 'digitally develop' your photos using tonal information contained in multiple exposures of the same shot. Say you exposure bracket the same shot. You c

Flickr Photo Comment Tool

I love telling other people about the amazing photos I find on Flickr. It’s also great fun to use photos as Super Emoticons, like when I use RobynAnderson’s laughing cat photo, shown here to the left, to express laughter. However, it got real tiresome

Photon Detector: (pinhole)____Photography by Nicolai Grossman

Recent Updates It’s official: Hasselblad XPan panoramic rangefinder discontinued 5th annual Argus collector’s group gathering, VA, US f295 WWPD simultaneous pinhole photography project Issue 28 of mooncruise* is up Projekt30’s June online juried exh

December 2005