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August 2006

Un didacticiel Blogger

Un didacticiel Blogger Toutes les possibilités offertes par Blogger et AudioBlogger. Dernière mise à jour : 20/06/2006 Si vous désirez faire une recherche, servez-vous du raccourci clavier Ctrl + F. Créer son propre blog Créer ou modifier un message

May 2006

April 2006

Flickr: What is HDR - HDR

t stands for High Dynamic Range. It's a feature in Photoshop CS2 or Photomatix. It's basically a way to 'digitally develop' your photos using tonal information contained in multiple exposures of the same shot. Say you exposure bracket the same shot. You c

Flickr Photo Comment Tool

I love telling other people about the amazing photos I find on Flickr. It’s also great fun to use photos as Super Emoticons, like when I use RobynAnderson’s laughing cat photo, shown here to the left, to express laughter. However, it got real tiresome

January 2006

Photoshop Tutorials Blog » Blog Archive » Free Photoshop Brushes Resources

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Free Photoshop Brushes Resources digg this story I have compiled a list of free Photoshop brushes resources. The sites listed here all offer free Photoshop brushes, however it is wise to check the TOS of each site because some of them may not allow the us

December 2005