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BIB - Ajouter des COinS dans le SIGB Primo et résolveur OpenURL : l’OpenURL est fait pour permettre d’accéder rapidement à une ressource rencontrée quelque part sur Internet

Principalement, l’OpenURL est fait pour permettre d’accéder rapidement à une ressource rencontrée quelque part sur Internet : un lien OpenURL tient compte du résolveur auquel vous êtes (institutionnellement) rattaché et vous propose * un lien vers l’article en ligne, s’il s’agit d’une ressource en ligne * un lien vers la notice dans le catalogue de votre bibliothèque, s’il s’agit d’un document papier. Pourquoi ? D’abord pour le principe. A partir du moment où nous mettons en ligne des métadonnées, il est normal de les fournir dans un format à peu près standard, permettant de les réexploiter. Et ceci indépendamment des usages que, moi-même, je pourrais imaginer : Donc si une bibliothèque de médecine dispose d’un résolveur OpenURL, elle peut indiquer notre catalogue à ses étudiants : ils font une recherche et rebondissent ensuite vers leur propre BU, grâce au plugin LibX que celle-ci aura pris soin de leur proposer.

CheckPlaces - Restore Favicons + Check your bookmarks in different ways - Firefox Extension

CheckPlaces is a Firefox extension that allows you to check your bookmarks in different ways. There is a basic check of your bookmarks, and optional checks that the pages still exist, duplicate bookmarks, and empty folders. You can also use it to restore favicons that have gone missing, and compact and check the integrity of the Places database. * Export an XML file with the results in * Update/overwrite existing favicons * Ignores all invalid security certificates or other SSL popups * Database check and compact messages to results window * Added support for Firefox 4.0 *Details were missing from 'Show excluded items' dialog.


CoLT Extension signifie "Copy Link Text" Extension…Cette extension est très pratique pour tous les blogger que nous sommes

En plus de la fonction classique de firefox qui permet de copier "l’adresse du lien" sur lequel vous avez fait votre click droit, CoLT rajoute 2 options vraiment pratiques: - Copier uniquement le texte du lien dans le presse papier - Copier le texte du lien + l’adresse du lien (copie la balise html) Ensuite, il n’y a plus qu’a coller le contenu du presse papier et hop, votre lien est automatique formé sur votre merveilleux blog ! short URL screenshot on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Simple Greasemonkey script to add a short URL link to the Additional Information section.

Link Checker - Extension Firefox

vérifie la validité des liens d'une page web - Dim Saved Links for Greasemonkey

Dim out any links on Delicious that you've already saved in your own account.


Linkification for IE - télécharger le logiciel Linkification for ...

Add linkification to Internet Explorer. Turns text links into genuine clickable hypertext links, works like the available add-on for firefox

Change Text Highlighting Selector Color | userstyles.org__Last updated Apr 23 2008

Makes all highlighted (selected) text throughout Mozilla Firefox to have a custom color of your choice. Another excellent way to implement a new UI feature for your favorite web browser. ** Thanks to rude-dude for selected text color changer, upon which this style is based. Applies to: - All web pages - Address Bar text (locationbar) - Stylish Extension Manager - View Source - View Information - ... - Countless other windows and option panes Acknowledgments: Thanks to for the codebase CSS Release Additional Information: This style comes preloaded with the following style color: Background of selected text will be Dark Gray Foreground (or color) of selected text will be Lime Green, giving selected text a "console" or "Matrix" type look. Instructions: You may change the "background" and "color" HEX colors to match your favorite colors! The code is easily customizable and the color combinations are endless!

Flickr - Transparent Navigation Menus (WOW!) |

Flickr site navigation menus, You Home Organize Contacts Groups Explore, will be transparent... WOW! This style improves page visibility, allowing you to see all the web content behind the transparency. This makes Flickr even more awesome! * Thanks to b0at for the Google Autohide Dots: Search and Account Options, upon which I got the idea for this style! Features: + You Home Organize Contacts Groups and Explore will be transparent. + Menus will become more opaque when they are hovered over with the mouse cursor + You will be able to see the images and text behind the header menu (see thru) until hovered over Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Better Flickr Hyperlink Visited Color nav menus are also known as candy Changelog: + Added Transparency to the Search menu dropdown box

Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect.

With this style, Flickr will highlight the links that you have already visited. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for Flickr, which does not display the pages you have already visited in a separate color. This makes Flickr a lot more usable, so you do not go to pages you have already been to (visual history). * Based upon Roblesolido's Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect. Features: + Purple href hover highlight text (customizable) + More Noticeable + Works on all links (a href) Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Custom Hyperlink Visited Color (Global) Future Releases: + I am currently working on an update that will disable the coloring of your usermenu (home, you, organize, contacts, groups, and explore)

Custom Hyperlink Visited Color (Global) |

Hyperlink Visited Styling for ALL WebPages. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for pages without their own form of displaying the pages you have already visited. * Based upon Roblesolido's Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect. Features: - Purple href hover highlight text (customizable) - Will only show up on pages that don't already have a visited color. In the case of an purple background, or custom sites. If you want this style to show up no matter what, add !important between the last 0 and the : in the code. Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Custom Hyperlink Hover Color (Global)

Flickr Quick Links –

The script adds customisable links to the top of every page on flickr next to the flickr logo. In order to add your own links, you need to edit the script, and edit the customhtml variable. you can put whatever html you want in that variable. and it will be displayed next to the Flickr Logo. I use it to put some shortcuts to various URLS that i access regularly.


pour tous les webmasters qui désirent contrôler que les liens de leur site soient toujours valable.

CoLT (Copy Link Text)__ajoute au menu contextuel les éléments 'Copier le texte du lien' et 'Copier le texte et l'adresse du lien'.

makes it easier than ever to copy a hyperlink’s associated text. For example, if I were to use this extension to copy this link to my blog, the copied text would quite literally be this link to my blog. CoLT also includes a means of copying both a link’s text and URL at the same time. This feature is particularly handy for bloggers, web developers, or anyone else who finds themselves writing links to other places on the web. The latest release allows users to create an unlimited number of custom formats for copying both the link text and location. All of the default formats are shown below:


Flickr: Flickr Enhancing Tools - Discussing Flickr Enhancing Tools in FlickrCentral

I’ve consolidated some of the best photo enhancing tools available on the net...yea for free!!! (Everyone loves this magic word)

Copy Link Name :: Modules pour Firefox

Copies the name (source anchor) of a link. Just a small extension that adds a context menu item to copy a link's source anchor.

Wordpress___Liste des plugins Wordpress __F-WPPlugins list

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Liste des plugins Wordpress que j’utilise sur ce blog. Utile pour une configuration de Wordpress très très classique .

Open multiple links with Snap Links___Firefox Extension

Snap Links enables you to open multiple links in new tabs just by dragging a box around them.

Resurrect Pages_Probleme__Extention Searches through five big page cache/mirrors

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Dead pages, broken links, the scourge of the internet. Powerhouse sites like Slashdot and Digg can bring a server to its knees. What do we do when a page is dead but we still want to see it? Call in the clerics, and perform a resurrection ceremony! Or, th

Magpie___A set of tools that makes saving media from web pages easier _Extention Firefox

Magpie is a set of tools that makes saving media from web pages easier - you can save all media of a specific type linked from a web page, save all tabs following the current tab, etc to time stamped folders. Magpie also includes basic Bukster protocol su


22 Resources on Best Greasemonkey scripts - Listible!

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Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior.