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The Ultimate Flickr Tools Hacks and Scripts Database____GeekTonic by Brent Evans:

UltimateFlickrTools The Ultimate Flickr Tools Database? As of this posting date, this post includes more tha350 different tools, hacks and scripts to use with flickr. And when I started gathering this list I was naive enough to think this list would have about 100 tools total...n

PhotoSoup __Visual word puzzle generator __ Flickr Game

PhotoSoup is a visual word puzzle generator that allows users to create word search puzzles with tag-photo pairs taken from Flickr. The tag is hidden in the puzzle, and only the associated photo is shown as a clue. The objective is to find all hidden tags in the puzzle before you run out of time.


Concentration_Memories Games on Flickr

This concentration or memory game pulls two each of the top ten interestingness pics at that given moment, randomly assigns them in my table, and then checks for matches as you uncover them.


Flickr: External Flickr-related games - Flickr Games

This posting will attempt to be a comprehensive list of external games that relate to Flickr or are based on it. Please suggest additions to the list by responding in this thread, and they'll be added to this top post.

Flash Flickr jigsaw application _Flickr: new - Flickr API

It is a jigsaw puzzle generator developed in Flash 8. <a class="linkification-ext" href="" title="Linkification:"></a>


Flickr: Flickr API

We've just released a "memory" game using the API.