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09 December 2008

Tate Kids__le site pour enfants de le Tate Gallerry

Developed and constructed from a child's perspective, the Tate Kids website has large buttons, simple language and an intuitive interface. Tate Kids features creative games, offline activities and the ability for children to create their own online gallery where they can share their works alongside works from the Tate collection.

22 October 2008

Animation à céer en ligne ___Xtranormal Makes You the Director of a 3D Clip

Xtranormal, a free 3D animation creation and sharing tool, is a seriously addictive sandbox for crafting miniature dramas, comedies, or whatever you can tell your little actors to do. The clip editor works like a storyboard that you drag story changes onto. So in one "scene," for example, you can have the camera switch to a close-up view, have your character wink and then recite some decent text-to-speech dialogue, then have them cross their arms and make the camera go for an overhead shot. You can add another character, change the backdrops, turn the camera positioning to automatic, and generally spend way too much time being an online Hitchcock (or Scorcese, or Tarantino, or any other name you care to drop). Building the movies takes a good chunk of time, and sometimes fails entirely, though that might be due to early-discovery traffic. Xtranormal is free to use, requires a sign-up to save your clips for later editing. Feel free to share links to your own mini-epics in the comments.