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02 May 2009 04:30

Regular Expressions - Popular Tools, Utilities and Programming Languages That Support Regular Expressions - Specialized Tools and Utilities for Working with Regular Expressions - TutorialTools & LanguagesExamplesBooks & Reference

These tools and utilities have regular expressions as the core of their functionality. grep - The utility from the UNIX world that first made regular expressions popular PowerGREP - Next generation grep for Microsoft Windows RegexBuddy - Learn, create, understand, test, use and save regular expressions. RegexBuddy makes working with regular expressions easier than ever before. General Applications with Notable Support for Regular Expressions There are a lot of applications these days that support regular expressions in one way or another, enhancing certain part of their functionality. But certain applications stand out from the crowd by implementing a full-featured Perl-style regular expression flavor and allowing regular expressions to be used instead of literal search terms throughout the application. EditPad Pro - Convenient text editor with a powerful regex-based search and replace feature, as well as regex-based customizable syntax coloring.