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January 2009

iPod Without iTunes

Now that I own an iPod, the question is how can I use it without allowing the control freak spyware and crapware loaded iTunes on my computer? ITunes is designed to sell you Apple’s products, while it offers some features that allow you to manipulate your existing collection it limits your flexibility and dictates its terms. The default settings control synchronization and set them up automatically so unless you adjust your settings just right it kicks things off the minute you plug in your iPod. It installs software without asking, changes things without permission, I gave it 5 minutes on a test machine and it was gone.

Simple and Secure Computer Access While Traveling - UsbKey - PortableAPps

This guide will show you how to: * Build an Encrypted PortableApps Drive * Download Portable Apps on to Your Encrypted USB Drive * Installing Firefox on your Encryped USB Drive * Installing a Live USB Linux Distro * Portable iTunes on Your iPod * Portable Remote Desktop Using LogMeIn

How To Unlock the iTunes Music Store - Creating Random Playlists in iTunes 8 « // Internet Duct Tape

A lot of people don’t bother turning on the iTunes Music Store because it requires a credit card. Actually, there’s a couple of ways of bypassing the credit card requirement. The most common method is: 1. Find a free iTunes “redeem” code somewhere on the web 2. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes music store 3. Click on the “Redeem” link (on the right side, near the top) 4. You’ll be prompted to create an iTunes music store account, but with the “None” option unlocked so you don’t require a credit card.

August 2008

Tutorial i-tunes_____Bibliotheque musicale (itunes, mp3, tags ...):la fonction "regrouper bibliothèque".

Itunes va copier dans le répertoire de votre choix (itunes music par défaut) tout vos fichier sons et va les classer par artistes et par albums. Pour que cette opération se déroule bien, il faut que vos fichiers soient bien tagé.

May 2008

Alpha Geek: Whip your MP3 library into shape, Part III: Metadata

MusicBrainz,or Mp3tag ?. MediaMonkey! —the same program I relied on to fix my album art. It's free, easy and useful for much more than just metadata modding.

March 2008

DoubleTwist | Home Page

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Capable de se synchroniser avec toutes sortes d'appareils mobiles et de lire leurs fichiers audio ou vidéo, sans problème de compatibilité de DRM ou d'encodage.

February 2008

iPod - Maximize CoverFlow on Your iPod with iTunes - Lifehacker.

Here's how to fill in the missing album art in your iTunes library and add it to your CoverFlow-enabled iPod in just a few steps.

January 2008

Winamp Plug-in ____Media Library iTunes Import/Export + B4S to M3U ConverterCustomize Winamp Media Player

This plugin lets you import and export iTunes XML database format as well as convert your Winamp3 B4S playlists to Winamp 2/5 M3U.

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