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June 2007

bluetack lists____PeerGardian ipfilter list

the blocklists that come with PG2 are good. But you should also use the bluetack lists.

October 2006

ListDrop Using PeerGuardian Lite _______emule security_Phoenix Labs » Utilities

ListDrop Using PeerGuardian Lite or trying to use our lists in your favorite P2P program? ListDrop is a fast and easy utility for merging and optimizing your lists. Supported Formats ListDrop supports importing and exporting of the P2P, P2B, and eMule .DA

(Paranoid) IP Filter.dat (gzipped)for loading into Emule._________ B.I.S.S. Forums Downloads

This blocklist is the (Paranoid) IP Filter.dat (gzipped)for loading into Emule. NOTE: gzip is not supported in Emule Plus The pipfilter.dat file includes the following ranges pre-merged into it: All lists except the master exclusions list - only use if yo