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16 March 2010

ipernity: Plug-ins Greasemonkey

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Ce plug-in vous permet d'importer la totalité de vos photos depuis Flickr. Qu'est-ce qui sera importé ? * La photo originale * Titre, description * Dates (cliché, téléchargement) * Partage, Permissions (commentaire, tags), licence * Latitude, longitude * Les 50 premiers tags Comment l'utiliser ? * Installez Greasemonkey et le plug-in * Rendez-vous sur votre page de photos sur Flickr et regardez en bas de la page * Cliquez sur le bouton "Import to ipernity" en bas de page. Ceci importera les premières 180 photos * Renouvellez l'opération autant de fois que nécessaire * Ceci ne modifie ni ne supprime rien de votre compte Flickr

12 March 2010

Use Greasemonkey Scripts In Google Chrome - But, there are some limitations as well (as with Opera — which also supports some greasemonkey scripts) - Chrome does not support @exclude, @require, @resource, unsafeWindow, or any of the special GM_* APIs.

Well, here is how to run userscripts in chrome : * Add this flag to Google Chrome launcher : --enable-user-scripts - Now, create a folder in your user data directory. Name it as User Scripts. - Save your all GM scripts in this folder. - If you want to import all userscripts from Firefox — you need to do it manually. We have shown you the way to backup your Greasemonkey scripts. Just navigate to your GM script folder in Firefox data directory as describe in this post. Now, you can copy and paste every script’s file manuallyAnd, you are done! Restart the chrome — and visit any related site. It is quite possible that your favorite GM Script will do the magic. - Important fact : Chrome supports “Early Injection” – the ability to run scripts very early in the page’s lifecycle. In Firefox, userscripts run after page load. But in chrome, you can set it to run before page load. For this, you need to add an extra line in scripts meta data section : // @run-at document-start