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Screenshot Tour: US - Picasa 3 Beta's New Features

Windows/Linux: Picasa, Google's photo management tool, has quietly announced a new beta that adds basic movie editing, fuller syncing to Web Albums, and many other features and changes. Actually, the biggest change in the new Picasa isn't in the software itself—it's a new "quick view" utility, which replaces the basic double-click viewing tool in Windows with a Picasa-friendly, drop-cloth-style window. Five new collage styles have also been added to the offerings, and Picasa's new "Movie Maker" tool lets you create slideshow-style clips out of stills or trim and paste video clips together. Check out Picasa's help section for more details on what's new and what's changed, or read on for a peek at some screenshots from the new release.

Astuce PicLense__Visionner images de son dique dur__Web du gars Buzzhaut:

Pour Visionner les images et photos en ligne. Avec cette astuce peut aussi traiter toutes les photos du disque dur..! Glisser dossier des photos dans la fenêtre la barre PicLens de Firefox !


Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader)_Version 0.3 — 27.06.2007__To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface

To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface. like files/photos/videos to Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, of free space) are Facebook in this version. Multiple files to the queue at a time and take care of uploading.


Gmail, Picasa and Flickr (-)

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To avoid the clunky "export resized and upload to Flickr from Windows Explorer folder" routine, Jim suggests simply emailing photos to Flickr directly from Picasa, which will resize and send for you. Genius!

Picasa Web : Learn More

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What is Picasa Web Albums? Picasa Web Albums is Picasa’s newest feature, designed to help users post and share their photos quickly and easily on the web. : Google sort son service de partage de photos en ligne

Google sort son service de partage de photos en ligne Posté le 15 juin 2006 dans Web 2.0 (18 commentaires) Très étrange... suis-je le seul à avoir entendu parlé de Picasa Web, le service de partage de photos que Google s'apprête à lancer ? Google s