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BIB - Greasemonkey Script - Exemple - Améliorer le statut d'un livre dans le catalogue en Ligne d'une Bibliothèque) - Group LAPL Holds by status for Greasemonkey

Groups Los Angeles Public Library ( holds (requests) by status: Ready for Pickup, In Transit, or Pending. Instead of just listing the holds by status, this userscript groups them by status. For holds that are Ready for Pickup it shows for each pickup date: * The number of days you have left to pick up your holds. Remember that "a $1.00 fee will be charged if an item placed on hold is not canceled or picked up by the "Hold Until" date." * The day of the week when the holds are due to be picked up * The pickup date * and the number of items to be picked up by that date. This is then followed by the items due to be picked up sorted by title. For holds that are Pending I list the items by the ratio of available # of copies to queue position. This gives you some idea of the order in which your holds will be available. If the ratio is above 1.00 you can expect the hold to be available "soon" (within 3 weeks).

BIB - Greasemonkey Script - Exemple - Relier le catalogue en ligne d'une bibliothèque et des services comme Amazon ( US, Canada, France Germany and Japan, not UK) - Amazon TorPLib Linky for Greasemonkey

Customized Carrick Mundell’s LibraryLookup Greasemonkey script for the Seattle Public Library) to do the same for the Toronto Public Library. What’s it do? On any book listing page, the script inserts a hyper-link below the book title which, when clicked, will search for the book in the Toronto Public Library catalog. the Library Search Url and Library Name are now separate variables to make it a little easier to customized for other Library Systems. It does not work for the UK site. Why? Because the UK does not use the same class element names to give it a place to insert the html rewrite link. In fact, it only uses 2 class names on the whole item page. The Style Sheet and classes are there, they just don’t use them. Weird. This particular madness was kickoff by John Udell who started the LibraryLookup Project ( in 2002 (with bookmarklet’s). Many Thanks.

BIB - Exemple de Bookmarklet et de Script Greasemonkey pour relier le catalogue en ligne d'une bibliothèque et des services comme Amazon - eBranch::Catalog Search Tools - Amazon Lookup

Catalog Bookmarklet Works with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Simply drag this LCLS Book Lookup to your Links bar in Internet Explorer or your Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox. When ever you are on a Barnes & Noble or Amazon page with 10 digit ISBN numbers just click on the LCLS Book Lookup and it will search the Lycoming County Library System Catalog. For best results use the Amazon LCLS Lookup below. Adding a bookmarklet: Internet Explorer Instructions | Instructions for Firefox and Internet Explorer Amazon LCLS Lookup : Do you use® to locate books? Wish you could easily find out if the Library owns a book you have found? Now you can! : Our Amazon LCLS Lookup tool displays information about the Library status of books you find in Amazon, right on the Amazon results page. Just click on the link on the Amazon page and you wil see if a title is available locally. The Lookup tool requires the Firefox web browser. Look for this yellow box on any Amazon results page


IE7Pro - L'Accessoire ultime pour Internet Explorer

E7Pro est un add-on pour Internet Explorer (et désormais IE6). Simple à utiliser, il ajoute des fonctionnalités qui lui manquent : filtre anti-pub, historique des derniers sites visités pour y retourner facilement, liste de proxies permettant de passer facilement de l'un à l'autre, visualisation des images/feuilles de style/scripts de la page, etc. Il comporte également une fonction permettant de sauvegarder au format image d'un site, avec un véritable support du PNG. Un menu permet également de changer la langue du logiciel (le Français est inclu !). La dernière version permet d'effectuer des recherche par le clic droit, après avoir surligné le terme à rechercher. Une fonction Alias permet également de créer des alias à saisir dans la barre d'adresses pour atteindre plus facilement ces sites.

Linkification for IE - télécharger le logiciel Linkification for ...

Add linkification to Internet Explorer. Turns text links into genuine clickable hypertext links, works like the available add-on for firefox

IE7Pro Script__User Scripts__integre des scripts pour Customiser Internet Explorer 7

IE7Pro is a plugin for the Internet Explorer web browser. It allows you to change how your favorite pages behave and look. There are many scripts that have already been written, and if you know javascript you can easily create your own! This site is a rep

2007 Internet Explorer Context Menu

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An IE context menu for, just right click, ad, and tag.

IE7Pro__Addon AntiPub

Permet là encore de bloquer les publicités. Il y a beaucoup d'autres fonctionnalités disponibles, allez sur le site, tout est catalogué. Il faut faire quelques manipulations dans vos préférences, un tutorial est disponible ici, mais en anglais.

IEPlus__Plugin pour Internet Explorer, qui ajoute son lot de fonctions sympathiques à ce navigateur

Par ex. : Changer de proxies - Nouvelles fenêtres maximisées - Sauvegarde d'objets flash (et autres) - Crash recovery - Réglage du nombre de connexions sur serveur- Blocage de publicités , configurable à la manière d'adblock de FF

Turnabout_____Greasmonkey sous Internet Explorer

plugin pour IE qui permet d’éxécuter les même scripts GreasMonkey que sous Firefox ! Ce plugin s’appelle Turnabout et est téléchargeable sur le site de Jon !

Firefox comme Internet Explorer

Voici le thème pour Firefox le plus débile que je n’ai jamais vu ! Il permet de skinner votre Firefox en Internet Explorer. En gros, vous avez Firefox mais les icônes et l’apparence ne permet pas de le distinguer d’Internet Explorer !

Zinkmo (Windows)___Synchroniser plusieurs PC ____Download of the Day:

Windows only: Sync and share bookmarks between browsers with Zinkmo, a new tool that's a little bit Foxmarks, a little bit and a little bit, well, Zinkmo. Like Foxmarks, Zinkmo enables you to sync bookmarks between two or more PCs (though i

IE Tab ___Extention Firefox____Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox

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IE Tab - an extension from Taiwan, features: Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox


IE View LiteIt _Extention Firefox_has a right click menu item to open a page in IE and a list of sites to always open in IE.

This is a cut down version of IE View by Paul Roub, which is 47.4 KB. All the same UI and features are there. It has a right click menu item to open a page in IE and a list of sites to always open in IE. Everything's just been rebuilt from the ground up t