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FIR XPI - DEV - Force CORS Firefox Extension

a very simple extension for Firefox that adds the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Access-Control- HTTP headers to all responses before they're processed by the browser. This essentially disables the browser's same origin policy and allows cross domain calls even if the web server does not support CORS. The default setting adds the following headers to every response:

GM COOKIE - Cookie Injection Using Greasemonkey | Views From The Hill

To use with Wireshark. The CookieInjector userscript simplifies this process, by allowing the user to copy-paste the cookie portion of the dump and have the cookies from the dump automatically created on the currently viewed web page. Updated Cookie Injector Script available on


Configurer l'affichage de Firefox pour WideScreen (Couch Surfing-Friendly ) - Apple mais adaptable à Pc - - Tweaks - Lifehacker

Firefox: Si vous utilisez Firefox systématiquement à une distance lors de présentations ou de votre canapé, par exemple, cette combinaison intelligente de Tweaks Firefox la rend plus facile pour vos yeux. 1. Téléchargez ce fichier userChrome.css ici. 2. Placez le userChrome.css 'dans le dossier suivant: ~ / Bibliothèque / Application Support / Firefox / Profiles / [profil]-name / chrome / [Ed. Note: Ils utilisent Mac OS X, reportez-vous cet article de la Base de connaissances MozillaZine pour trouver l'emplacement du dossier de profil dans votre système d'exploitation.] 3. Installez le plugin en cliquant sur Non Squint ici. 4. Changer de page par défaut du plugin n Squint de «plein niveau de zoom" mise à 150%. 5. Installer un thème qui fonctionne avec la taille du texte augmenté. J'ai choisi Hexxya, Qui utilise également des icônes plus petites de sorte que vous pouvez voir plus de votre barre d'adressei. 6. Profitez de votre navigateur Firefox HD!Firefox Dix Mode Couch Foot

Get Google Toolbar's Features Without the Toolbar - LifeHacker

Google's Toolbar does a few nifty things, but it is, well, a browser toolbar. And it might track your browsing without permission. Here's how to get most of its features without having to install it, or nearly any extra software.


Forum Deblocker - Greasemonkey

The "Forum Deblocker" userscript simulates the Googlebot so you may see the forum pages as google sees them

Enable Autocomplete & Remember Passwords for Yahoo et Delicious - Greasemonkey

Certain sites like, yahoo, etc. stop Firefox from storing and auto-completing the password even when you have turned auto-completion on. While this has some purpose for certain sensitive sites like banks, is there any reason why will forget passwords?! To make matters worse, in or yahoo you can only ask to be remembered for 2 weeks and not more than that! This script combats the problem for and yahoo logins, and enables Firefox to prompt you to remember login password for these sites. You can easily add other sites whose passwords are also not remembered, the script will work fine.


Tamper Data - TamperData is an extension to track and modify http/https requests - Recherche Google

Permet de voir toutes les requêtes HTTP/HTTPS envoyées par votre navigateur (y compris par les plugins comme Flash)__How to hack a final price and pay what you want for a product __To view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters. Trace and time http response/requests___How do you use tamper data on AW surveys without getting flagged?__To hack flash game scores Video on AOL Video - This is a video tutorial explaining how to__Observing Live Response Headers with TamperData.

Rapidshare Download Delay Bypass – (2008)

Rapidshare Download Delay Bypass Script for bypassing rapidshare countdown. Works with and without javascript. If you get Download-Ticket Not Ready, continue to "reload with POSTDATA" until you get a download dialog. v2.5 - Fixed auto-reload for "download ticket not ready" & removed extra characters in the inserted html. v2.4 - updated for Rapidshare site changes.

ErrorZilla Plus__Extension Firefox : re-tries the unreachable URL using a web proxy — Perfect for getting around your offices IT lockdown blocks or accessing forbidden sites in China.

Adds useful options to the "Server not found" page when you follow a a dead or problematic link. The difference: ErrorZilla Plus adds a Proxify option that re-tries the unreachable URL using a web proxy

SquiggleSR__03.2008_Concilie la protection de la vie privée et la personnalisation de la recherche.

Pour cela, nous générons des requêtes de façons cohérentes (pour éviter qu’elles soient détectées) sur des thèmes que vous pouvez choisir. Les requêtes sont générées à partir de mots clés apparaissant dans les titres de flux RSS que vous

FreeAccess Plus!__Bypass filter of YouTube,, Flickr,

Bypass filter of YouTube,, Flickr,,,, MySpace, Hi5 and some Persian (farsi) sites in Iran and other countries that blocked this sites .


Google Browser Sync___PLUS EN LIGNE_Synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers.

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It also allows you to restore open tabs and windows across different machines and browser sessions. Synchronize your browser settings across computers. Restore tabs and windows from your previous session.

HTTP-to-HTTPS redirector

lets you define a list of URLs you want to make sure always use https.

Web Surfing: Browse restricted websites with Virtual-Browser - Virtual-Browser is a free and anonymous web-based proxy service. ___Lifehacker

No software to install or complicated instructions to follow. Just enter a URL (website address) in the form above. Through Virtual-Browser, you can use websites but they cannot uniquely identify or track you. Virtual-Browser hides your real IP address an

How To Speed Up Firefox

There are a few tricks to speed up Firefox. Check them out below:

Zolved - Firefox “Speed up” tricks…

discover some hidden and cool tricks to fasten up my Firefox. Let me just share some of them with you.

Firefox Tip: Paste multiple lines to input boxes - Lifehacker

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Type "about:config" in the location bar. In the "Filter" field type "singleline." You can set the value to 2 for editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines, which will allow pasting of multiple lines to input boxes.

Hacking Web 2.0 Applications with Firefox

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This article looks at some of the methods, tools and tricks to dissect web 2.0 applications (including Ajax) and discover security holes using Firefox and its plugins. The key learning objectives of this article are to understand the:

How to create Firefox extensions

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Everyone has a good idea at one time or another to implement a new feature in a web browser. Well, with the goodness that is Mozilla Firefox, now you can do just that. You need to have a vague understanding of XUL and Javascript, but you certainly don’t

Hack Attack: Become a Gmail master - Lifehacker

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Today I've got a rundown of the methods and add-ons I use to make Gmail more powerful. By the time you're done with this article you'll be a bona fide Gmail power user, too. Quick look at what to expect

MR Tech's Mozilla Extensions___Provide the tools needed to install and manage extensions

The primary goal of this extension is to provide the tools needed to install and manage extensions and themes locally. To do this the extension provides multi-extension installation support, hacking capabilities to the Extension/Theme manager windows, fea


Megaupload 2 [2.0] ___extension

Turn it on to click in a megaupload link and turn it off later the download has started. Problems like links that doesn't exist anymore I can't solve. I wish you guys good luck and enjoy.

nutr.itio.us____Outils Gestion Bookmark - Outils Collaboratifs

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j'ai découvert tout récemment Ce bookmarklet remédie au problème principal de Delicious: la liberté donnée à chacun de créer ses propres rubriques - mots clés et par là même d'empêcher la mise en commun des ressources. En effet u

Firefox Flash Hack… Download Justin Timberlake’s New Song - On Influence and Automation

Many of the actual record company sites utilize Flash to play MP3’s that are stored on the site and referenced through ActionScript. You can utilize Firefox to browse your cache for “mp3″ for sites dumb enough to do this.

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