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July 2007

Group Trackr: Nitens Flickr Gadgets › Track the growth of Flickr groups

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Group Trackr allows you to track and plot growth statistics for Flickr public groups. Graphs displaying Flickr group activity (photos and members) are updated on a daily basis and stored on this server for ease of linking. Once a group is tracked, a detai

Flickr: Discussing Finding list of non-reciprocal contacts in Flickr Hacks

s there a script to get a list of people who YOU call a contact but they don't have you as a contact? Or something like the "unknown reverse contacts" which highlight in red people who call you a contact but you don't call them a contact, but doing just t

March 2007

Invite Pool Sweepr Documentation___Flickr

you will want to fill in your group's invite code in the Invite Code box. Then you will have the option of filling in an alternate invite code if you wish. This is useful if your group's invite code has changed, or there are 2 different invite codes, one