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Flickr Group Promotion Tool –

Adds a select box with pre written comments, inviting the photo owner and viewers to join your groups.


Flickr Discussion Greasemonkey script:

Flickr Discussion Images, that allows you to view all the images in a Flickr group discussion thread—it's perfect for browsing through threads in groups like Utata where the pictures often are the thread. It adds three links underneath the main post, wh


Group Page Enhancer on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

adds more information to your page. Currently, it will give you(see the notes on the photo): - the 8 last photos in the group - the date of your last post to the group (if the last post is in the last 24 hours, then, the date is written i

coComment blog » Blog Archive » What’s new?July 20th, 2006

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The new coComment is here, and it brings a LOT of improvements to the existing service. We will detail each feature in future posts, but here is an overview of what’s new: * THE COCOCRAWLER The coCoCrawler has arrived, and will keep an eye on your conve

Insert Group Signature Photo Comment Tool_________Flickr Hacks

GM Script: Insert Group Signature Photo Comment Tool view profile noviKorisnik Pro User [ ? ] says: Hello, I made a GM script which should help every user when commenting on photos in the group pool - when is required by group rules to include Group signa

view group comments_Flickr: > Greasemonkey [6V8 - Production of my Mind]

This means that if you want to read the new comments or see if the new topic is of interest, you have to load the full group discussion page. This new Greasemonkey script allows you to directly see in the recent changes page the new messages:

Flickr group tracker -Flickr: Flickr Hacks

Flickr group tracker view profile quas is a group administrator quas Pro User [ INT ? ] says: This is my second greasemonkey script, and it's a huge mess! But it works, mostly. :) The basic idea of this script is to keep track of threads you've posted in

Group recent comment enhancement Flickr: Flickr Hacks

Here is another greasemonkey script to help you manage your groups. It enhance the last group comments page (<a class="linkification-ext" href="" title="Linkification:">