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September 2009

Flickr Gallery Plus! for Greasemonkey

Flickr Gallery Plus! is a Greasemonkey userscript for Flickr photo set pages which offers you the ability to: * View one large picture with the other thumbnails in the set next to it. * Click-selection of whichever picture you want to see larger. * Keyboard navigation with left and right arrow keys to go back and forth amongst pictures. * View a slideshow of all pictures in the set. It is tested and verified to work with Firefox, Safari (through GreaseKit), Google Chrome (through HOW TO: Install Google Chrome Greasemonkey Scripts (Windows Only)) and Opera (through Opera Tutorial: User JavaScript).

August 2009

Flickr Contacts' Favorites Explorer for Greasemonkey

Browsing favorites from your contact is a great way to discover new images. This script will help you with that. On the front page of flickr below the contacts section, there should be a section called "Your Contacts' Favorites" where the favorites list will appear.

Flickr: Discussing GM Script: FlickrStayInCommons in Flickr Hacks

On, adds an option to the header [search] dropdown to take you directly to a search for "The Commons" content. Also on photos within "The Commons" project, inserts additional "tag links" that jump to listings restricted to just "The Commons".

May 2009

EasyCheckboxes - Greasemonkey

Provides a very simple and useful method of checking, unchecking and toggling multiple checkboxes on a page. It provides two methods of selecting checkboxes - a menu showing multiple options, or dragging the mouse over the checkboxes you want to select.

April 2009

Google Search Fixed Topbar - Greasemonkey

Fixed Topbar – Download Google Search Tools This script shows the Google top bar (a navigation bar with links taking you to Images, News result pages for your current search) even if you scroll down to see further results. It makes it visible all the time, even when you’re scrolling. Saves you a few seconds. Fixed Topbar – Download

Linkoder (QRCode) - Cool Greasemonkey Script adds Barcodes for each link on a web page

Linkoder (QRCode) - Cool Greasemonkey Script adds Barcodes for each link on a web page I just found a cool greasemonkey script on by a person called Vorn. The script is called Linkoder (QRCode) - it can basically add Barcodes for each link on any web page. Its really useful for mobile phone users, with barcode reader applications on their phones, such as the N95 which comes with a barcode reader app as standard, as it saves them typing in long URLs, instead they can just scan the barcode on their PC screen, and then browse directly to the link with their phones web browser. you can get the script here: Install script

March 2009

Bibliobsession 2.0 » Pourquoi ne pas proposer Firefox sur les postes publics des bibliothèques ?

sous le terme sécurisé, se cache en fait un certain nombre de limitations de l’usage, destiné à empêcher tout paramétrage du navigateur par les usagers Logique et nécessaire quand on connaît le nombre de personnes qui se connectent chaque jour. En revanche, on aborde jamais l’outil navigateur sous un autre angle : celui de la mise en valeur des services et des accès à la bibliothèque : une page web avec un ISBN, celui-ci est reconnu et un lien apparaît pour m’indiquer si le livre correspondant est disponible ou non dans la bibliothèque où je me trouve , documentaires que l’on propose DANS la bibliothèque Le problème, c’est que, bien sûr, ces navigateurs sécurisés fournis par les prestataires sont propriétaires et que leur paramétrage est le plus souvent très limité. Or les outils de de dissémination des accès sont en grande majorité développés sous Firefox…

January 2009

Flickr: Discussing GM Script: Navigate photostreams, pools, and sets using keyboard shortcuts in Flickr Hacks

Hey all, a quick and dirty greasemonkey script to let you use the left and right arrow keys to view the next and previous photos on flickr. It's something I wish flickr did by default but doesn't. Hope you find it useful.

November 2008

Configurable Flickr Homepage –

The purpose of this greasemonkey script is to provide a set of modifications of the layout from the flickr homepage. Several modifications are available. All of them can be enabled or disabled by the user.

October 2008

Adblock Plus - Dynamic Apply Button | userstyles.org___Last updated Jun 24 2008

Only displays the "Apply" button when you make a change to Adblock Plus. Why show a button that you can't click!? Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 3 - Works on Firefox 2 Integrates With the Following Styles: + Adblock Plus - Custom Filterlist Window Background + Adblock Plus - Visual Alert if Disabled + Mr Tech's Toolkit - Dynamic Apply Button Window Applied to:

Change Text Highlighting Selector Color | userstyles.org__Last updated Apr 23 2008

Makes all highlighted (selected) text throughout Mozilla Firefox to have a custom color of your choice. Another excellent way to implement a new UI feature for your favorite web browser. ** Thanks to rude-dude for selected text color changer, upon which this style is based. Applies to: - All web pages - Address Bar text (locationbar) - Stylish Extension Manager - View Source - View Information - ... - Countless other windows and option panes Acknowledgments: Thanks to for the codebase CSS Release Additional Information: This style comes preloaded with the following style color: Background of selected text will be Dark Gray Foreground (or color) of selected text will be Lime Green, giving selected text a "console" or "Matrix" type look. Instructions: You may change the "background" and "color" HEX colors to match your favorite colors! The code is easily customizable and the color combinations are endless!

Flickr - Transparent Navigation Menus (WOW!) |

Flickr site navigation menus, You Home Organize Contacts Groups Explore, will be transparent... WOW! This style improves page visibility, allowing you to see all the web content behind the transparency. This makes Flickr even more awesome! * Thanks to b0at for the Google Autohide Dots: Search and Account Options, upon which I got the idea for this style! Features: + You Home Organize Contacts Groups and Explore will be transparent. + Menus will become more opaque when they are hovered over with the mouse cursor + You will be able to see the images and text behind the header menu (see thru) until hovered over Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Better Flickr Hyperlink Visited Color nav menus are also known as candy Changelog: + Added Transparency to the Search menu dropdown box

Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect.

With this style, Flickr will highlight the links that you have already visited. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for Flickr, which does not display the pages you have already visited in a separate color. This makes Flickr a lot more usable, so you do not go to pages you have already been to (visual history). * Based upon Roblesolido's Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect. Features: + Purple href hover highlight text (customizable) + More Noticeable + Works on all links (a href) Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Custom Hyperlink Visited Color (Global) Future Releases: + I am currently working on an update that will disable the coloring of your usermenu (home, you, organize, contacts, groups, and explore)

Custom Hyperlink Visited Color (Global) |

Hyperlink Visited Styling for ALL WebPages. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for pages without their own form of displaying the pages you have already visited. * Based upon Roblesolido's Link: Visited hyperlinks with opacity effect. Features: - Purple href hover highlight text (customizable) - Will only show up on pages that don't already have a visited color. In the case of an purple background, or custom sites. If you want this style to show up no matter what, add !important between the last 0 and the : in the code. Works on both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 Integrates with Custom Hyperlink Hover Color (Global)

Custom Hyperlink Hover Color (Global) |

Hyperlink Hover Styling for ALL WebPages. This style improves page navigation and element focus, for pages without their own form of mouse-hovering.

Flickr Cross-Recommendations –

Adds a "People who faved this also faved..." panel to photos on Flickr

Flickr Quick Links –

The script adds customisable links to the top of every page on flickr next to the flickr logo. In order to add your own links, you need to edit the script, and edit the customhtml variable. you can put whatever html you want in that variable. and it will be displayed next to the Flickr Logo. I use it to put some shortcuts to various URLS that i access regularly.

September 2008

Flickr - Percentage of Viewed Favorites –

Adds percentage of viewed that are favorites under "Viewed X times (Not including you)"

Flickr - Stealth Mode –

Reduces the size of fonts and links and uses opacity to dim objects so that co-workers nearby do not continue to recognize that you're on Flickr all the time.

June 2008

FlickrZoom –

Get preview of thumbnailed images on flickr On thumbnails you should get a zoom-icon when the mouse cursor is over the thumb. Clicking this icon, results in a preview being opened with a fancy pants zoom.

Flickr - Much more modern and beautiful toolbar |

This style replaces the action buttons in the Flickr toolbar (add note, send to group, add to set, blog this, all sizes, print & more, rotate, edit photo and delete) by new fancy buttons I made. More modern, more beautiful, and more elegant!