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BIB - Greasemonkey Script - Exemple - weRead Amazon Exporter for Greasemonkey - Inspects the weRead book shelf (Facebook) page on for Amazon products and displays a list of ISBN or ASIN.

I wanted to try Google's Books library which supports importing a list of comma-separated ISBNs. Since weRead doesn't support exporting your book shelf I wrote this script to show me ISBNs or ASINs parsed from the Amazon thumbnails. Instructions * From Facebook: Visit and use the Connect button to log in via Facebook Connect. * Navigate to * To export just your "Read It" list, first click the link next to "Show All Books" * To export all your books, click "100" to view as many books as possible * You'll need to export each page since this script can only see one page at a time * Use the Export command from Greasemonkey's command list

30+ Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts

After the Succesfull post 21 Cool Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts and 25 Killer Facebook Greasemonkey Scripts and 40+ Greasemonkey Scripts For Gmail & Google we present you 30+ Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts. Which will help you to Manage your Flickr Accounts. So check out these 30+ Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts below:-

Top Greasemonkey Scripts for New Gmail 2.0 | ShanKrila

You can organize labels into subfolder like hierarchy. Create a parent label like Home and then create sublabels like Home\Bills, Home\Receipts, etc. I thought I never needed folders but this makes using labels so easy to use with the new colors!


Flickr-Toolbox-100-Outils-et-Services__Mashable! France search results: sudoku

Voici une liste de +100 services/applications pour vous aider à exploiter 100% du potentiel du site de partage de photo le plus populaire du web:/2007/08/04/

Mon flickR - Tantad

si vous naviguez dans Flickr sous firefox, je pense que vous avez quelques script Greasemonkey |en] (GM). Pour ma part j'en utilise quelques un

Checklist de réinstallation complète de Mozilla Firefox___Gastero Prod - Nicolas Hoizey

Certaines de cet extensions ne sont malheureusement pas encore compatibles avec Firefox 3, mais ce dernier étant tellement plus performant et modeste en consommation mémoire que Firefox 2, je le privilégie tant que possible.

Infos du Net: TOM'S Guide_ Logiciels Internet Extension

Liste d'extensions pour Firefox , en français . Descriptions claires et précises, screenshots divers, avis et ....j'arrive à l'"Autopager" !


Gmail Toolbox: +60 outils pour Gmail

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autres moyens (gratuits) d’améliorer et profiter à 100% des capacités votre messagerie.

Flickr: Flickr Enhancing Tools - Discussing Flickr Enhancing Tools in FlickrCentral

I’ve consolidated some of the best photo enhancing tools available on the net...yea for free!!! (Everyone loves this magic word)


22 Resources on Best Greasemonkey scripts - Listible!

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Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior. - delicious: index

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This extension integrates with Firefox and Thunderbird. We're looking for new developers. Who have the skills and time to maintain the plugin and implement new features. Features * Context menu integration * Toolbar integration * Sidebar integ


Flickr GM : _1.5_Once More... » Post from June 2005

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Belle collection de script pour Flickr... adds the number of comments and notes to each photo listed in any list of thumbnails on Flickr (i.e. group pools, photos from your contacts, favorites, etc.).