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September 2009

BinNews Search File With Binsearch, Newzleech, and others - Recherche fichiers ".NZB" - Usenet , Newgroups - Userscripts

Une petite astuce pour trouver rapidement les .NZB à partir de binnews : _Ajoutez à Greasemonkey ce petit script : (BinNews Search File With Binsearch, Newzleech, and others - userscripts) : Install script Il rajoutera dans vos résultats sur binnews des petits icônes de façon très intuitive ! Ce sont des liens vers BinTube, Binsearch, Newsleech, etc. Un clic dessus et la recherche est déjà faites, vous n’avez plus qu’à télécharger le .NBZ ! Testez, vous adoptere

May 2009

Google Bump for Greasemonkey

Adds functionality to the Google web search. Main features include Multisearch (and Quick Search Shortcuts), Image & Video results with a Player, Wikipedia definitions and links, and some clutter cleanup by. All options can be turned off. * Quick Search Shortcuts * MultiSearch * Video Search Result Extraction * Wikipedia Excerpt on Top * Ad Removal * Minor Visual Cleanup * Google Video Results in Web Search * Integrated Player for Video Results * Google Image Results in Web Search * Open All Links in New Tabs * Clean & Simple Configuration Page * Image Slideshow for Image Results * International Support * Customizable styles

April 2009

The Movie Dude script - Cross-links various movie related sites that normally don't link to each other - (Greasemonkey Script)

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It grew out of a desire to have links between NetFlix and IMDB movie pages, to be able to easily get to movie trivia or add movies to my queue. Links are added to these sites: * The Internet Movie Database * NetFlix * (and UK) * Yahoo! Movies * Rotten Tomatoes * Roger Ebert * Amazon * All Movie Guide * GreenCine * Metacritic * FilmAffinity * Intelliflix * Flixster * Slant * Wikipedia (English) * FilmSpot * Fandango * Wal*Mart Use the menu item "Tools | User Script Commands | Movie Dude Settings..." to select which sites to link to. A settings bar will appear at the bottom of the page. For example, if you never want to see links to Blockbuster, uncheck it on the settings bar. You can display links as text, icons or both.

January 2009

ThePirateBay Enhancer - UserScipts - Greasemonkey - 2008

Show torrent age, spelling suggestions, SEED to PEER ratio, and number of comments. Kill dead torrents as well!

Try This Search On - UserScripts - Greasemonkey

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Provides useful links to search engines based on the page that you're viewing or the search that you're performing.