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Multifox - AddOn Firefox - Connexion à des comptes différents dans le même temps - FUNDAS Instant

Offre des fonctionnalités similaires à CookieSwap. Les connexions sont conservés de la même façon qu'ils sont «réguliers» de Windows . Même si vous fermez la fenêtre ou quitter Firefox . # Le profil de l'identité de chaque fenêtre est conservée lorsque Firefox restaure la session . # Les nouvelles fenêtres héritent le profil de l'identité de la fenêtre ils ont été ouverts à partir . Comparaison avec Cookieswap Cookieswap et Multifox est très différente les uns des autres . Bien que CookieSwap permet de vous connecter à plusieurs comptes en même temps , vous pouvez toujours changer de compte : Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser les deux comptes en même temps . Multifox , lui, vous permet de faire exactement cela . À cet égard , je dois dire que c'est mieux qu'avec CookieSwap . Goodbye CookieSwap , je change addons

10 Great Uses For Google Desktop(2006) - Google Operating System unofficial Tips

Google Desktop lets you search your computer and have tiny bits of information at your fingertips if you use Google Gadgets. Everybody knows that. But Google Desktop can have other interesting uses. 7. File versioning: You can use Google Desktop to revert to a previous version of a document (text file, Office document, HTML file). Google Desktop keeps all the versions of a file, so it may be useful if you don't backup your files. 8. Most recent documents : Google Desktop has a timeline that lets you the files created or modified recently. 10. Gmail replacement: Gmail is down or your internet connection is down. You don't use a desktop mail client, but you need to find an important mail. Fortunately, Google Desktop indexes your mail (if you want to), so you can search your messages and read them offline. The attachments aren't saved on your PC.


40+ Greasemonkey Scripts For Gmail & Google |

Some Days Back we posted 21 Cool Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts and now today am going to post some of the Best Greasemonkey Scripts for Gmail and Google. There are thousands of scripts that you can install to customize just about anything you can think of. But in this list you can find some of the cool one which will really help you to Organize Gmail and Google.

8 Tips To Make FireFox Search Friendly |

1. Install the Google Toolbar. 2. Take advantage of FireFox search plugins Or create your own. Let’s take a quick look at how you can create your own search plugin for any search engine or site you refer to daily: * search the site you are creating the plugin for; * copy the query string; * change your search term in the query string for {searchTerms}; * go to and complete the form as shown below; 3. Use FireFox “smart keywords” feature(it allows you to search right from the address bar). 4. Use The CyberSearch FireFox plugin (download it here).Another way to search from the address bar. It supports multiple Google services... 5. Tweak your FireFox about:config settings.Yet another way to search from the address bar. (tip by FireFox facts). 6. Use Search Bookmarklets 7. Search Highlighted Words With Multiple EnginesSearch the highlighted word using multiple search engines: KallOut8. Search The Web (Or Any Website) With One Searchy


11 fonctionnalités cachées de Google --Tuto en images pour améliorer ses Recherches

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Malgré son interface dépouillée, Google cache plusieurs fonctions qui vous permettent d’améliorer et de préciser vos recherches. De cette façon, vous pourrez faire des recherches sur un site précis, obtenir la définition d’un mot, des horaires de cinémas ou convertir des unités monétaires. Les raccourcis utilisés pour obtenir ces résultats sont simples et se mémorisent facilement.

Add Google Calendar and Reader to Your Gmail

Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension: Not since Gmail saw its interface overhaul last October has a scripter embedded Google Calendar and Reader into Gmail easily—until now. Two new user scripts integrate both Google Calendar and Google Reader onto the same screen as your email inbox. Here's what it looks like.

Google: Remove affiliate links from your Google search results

sing Google advanced operators (like, -site:bizrate -site:ebay, Give Me Back My Google removes known resellers from your search results - and it really does clean things up.

Listen To Pandora In Winamp

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If you have the latest version of Winamp (Winamp 5.32), you can add Pandora, a great online personalized radio, to Media Library so you can listen to the music without opening Pandora in a browser.


Google Browser Sync___PLUS EN LIGNE_Synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers.

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It also allows you to restore open tabs and windows across different machines and browser sessions. Synchronize your browser settings across computers. Restore tabs and windows from your previous session.

Google Cheat Sheet (Version 1.06)__Toutes les références sur Google

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This two page Google Cheat Sheet lists all Google services and tools as well as background information. The Cheat Sheet offers a great reference to grasp of basic to advance Google query building concepts and ideas. Example of Page 1

"invisible web" or "deep web" Special: Seek and Ye Shall Find - Lifehacker

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The term "invisible web" or "deep web" refers to the vast repository of information that search engines and directories don't have direct access to, like databases at university libraries, sites that require passwords to view, or sites that for some reaso

Geek to Live: Black belt scheduling with Google Calendar

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Web-based calendars have been around for ages, but one year ago Google Calendar came onto the scene and changed the game. Once upon a time Yahoo! Calendar had my heart, but today Y! Calendar looks frumpy and dated next to GCal's slick, dynamic interface,

Google Operating System

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tous les recoins de Google ...interressant!

Hack Attack: Become a Gmail master - Lifehacker

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Today I've got a rundown of the methods and add-ons I use to make Gmail more powerful. By the time you're done with this article you'll be a bona fide Gmail power user, too. Quick look at what to expect


Google Cheat Sheets (Version 1.05)

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This two page Google Cheat Sheet lists all Google services and tools as well as background information. The Cheat Sheet offers a great reference to grasp of basic to advance Google query building concepts and ideas.

Turn Google into your own personal (free) Napster - Lifehacker

Google is good for so many things, among which is searching for all sorts of files, including MP3's. Here's a quick primer: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "Nirvana"

Gmail, Picasa and Flickr (-)

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To avoid the clunky "export resized and upload to Flickr from Windows Explorer folder" routine, Jim suggests simply emailing photos to Flickr directly from Picasa, which will resize and send for you. Genius!