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FUNNY - TOOL - Pour attraper les insectes sans les abîme - My Critter Catcher Home Page – MyCritterCatcher

Pour attraper les insectes sans les abîmer. How Does My Critter Catcher work? To pick up insects simply do the following: 1. Squeeze the handle so the bristles open, 2. Position the open bristles over the insect, and release the handle so the bristles close. To release the insect outside: 3. Squeeze the handle again so the bristles re-open. It's that easy!



Empecher son Chat de manger les plantes avec une camera Automatisée___DIY Blender Defender Keeps Cats off Counters

build a motion-sensing security-camera booby trap that scares the crap out of your cat whenever she jumps up there. Most of us would settle with the former option, but an inventive fellow named Brian decided that option two was the way he'd rather go, and the result is the Blender Defender. When triggered, Blender Defender switches on a blender, flashes a strobe, and terrifies cats.


Group Trackr: Nitens Flickr Gadgets › Track the growth of Flickr groups

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Group Trackr allows you to track and plot growth statistics for Flickr public groups. Graphs displaying Flickr group activity (photos and members) are updated on a daily basis and stored on this server for ease of linking. Once a group is tracked, a detai

Anti-Moustique ___logiciel

« Anti-Moustique génère des ultrasons par l'intermédiaire du haut parleur de l'unité centrale. Ce son est inaudible pour l'oreille humaine (attention à vos chiens, chats, etc) »


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