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JAVASCRIPT - Jscript - Named function expressions demystified

In a nutshell, named function expressions are useful for one thing only — descriptive function names in debuggers and profilers. Well, there is also a possibility of using function names for recursion, but you will soon see that this is often impractical nowadays. If you don’t care about debugging experience, you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, read on to see some of the cross-browser glitches you would have to deal with and tips on how work around them.

JAVASCRIPT - TUTO - DEMEO - Web Developer Introduction To Features of JavaScript "Function" Objects

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There are several ways to declare a function. All valid, but there are differences on how they're handled in the background.



A fairly large collection of test files (from CSS1 to CSS3 )and are rarely if ever documented.


unsafeWindow - Injecting JS functions into the page from a Greasemonkey script on Chrome - Stack Overflow

I have a Greasemonkey script that works just fine in Firefox and Opera. I struggle with getting it to work in Chrome, however. The problem is injecting a function into the page that can be invoked by code from the page. Here's what I'm doing so far: First, I get a helper reference to the unsafeWindow for Firefox. This allows me to have the same code for FF and Opera (and Chrome, I thought).


Pictos d'angles arrondis...Arrondissez les angles avec Google - Une fonction un peu inutile de Google - Korben

C'est la possibilité de créer des pictos d'angles arrondis... Arrondissez les angles avec Google---Comment ? Tout simplement en entrant l'url suivante dans votre navigateur:" --------- On peut paramétrer pas mal de choses... - c - c'est la couleur du coin arrondi. Vous pouvez entrer une couleur compatible CSS en toute lettres comme white, gray, red, green, blue, yellow, teal, olive, purple, black mais aussi n'importe quelle couleur au format RRVVBB (sans le # devant... exemple blanc = FFFFFF) - bc - La couleur de fond de l'image (même topo que ci dessus) - h - La hauteur en pixels - w - La largeur en pixels - a - Quel coin générer ? tl correspond au coin en haut à gauche (Top Left), tr le coin haut droit, bl le coin bas gauche et br le coin bas droit. Marche avec n'importe quel sous domaine de Google.

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