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October 2008

TubeMaster Plus Grabs Video or Audio From Nearly Any Site

Windows only: Free streaming media capture tool TubeMaster is a great all-in-one solution for grabbing and converting audio and video from nearly any web site that can stream it to you. The no-install app launches as its own application with a built-in, tabbed browser—simply launch it, head to, YouTube, a site with proprietary Flash video, or nearly any other streaming media, and hit "Start Media Capture." The files you grab are lined up in a queue for you to decide how to convert and save, and TubeMaster's built-in media search tool covers nearly 100 video and audio-sharing sites. There are browser plug-ins and apps that do some of the same things, but none quite as comprehensively as TubeMaster Plus. TubeMaster Plus is a free download for Windows systems only

July 2008

Deleket icons on deviantART: download outstanding free icon packs

Its not just that the quality of icons is outstanding, but this designer’s prolific output is quite an achievement: I counted thirty icon packs displayed across two gallery pages (with more surely to come soon). More notes on these:

Bradicon: convert images to icons using this web app - review & download link |

If you don’t convert images to icon regularly and/or don’t care to install a program on your machine for a handful of conversions, Bradicon is a great resource that works really well. More info on this one:

OpenPandora: put Pandora on your desktop

OpenPandora is an open source local client the delivers the Pandora online music service right to your desktop. It allows you to interact with Pandora from the main program dialog or from the tray icon.

June 2008

VolumeTouch: control system volume with the mouse (or hotkeys) - review & download link |

VolumeTouch gives quick control over your PC’s volume by using a combination of hotkeys and the mouse or arrow keys.

Loomis Faceworx: model a 3D head from two 2D images - review & download link |

Looxis Faceworx is a free 3D modeling program that can construct a textured 3D model of a person’s head out of two 2D photos (one from the front, "mugshot" style, and the other profile style from the side).

Copy Handler: speed up and control file copying and moving operations - review & download link |

Significantly enhances the copying or moving of large files in Windows : Ability to pause and resume copy/move operations, can speed up transfers by up to 6-7 times, adds filtering functions that determine exactly which files and folders to copy or move.

Phantasmagoria: transform your images with an arsenal of cool effects - review & download link |

(scaling, rotating, cropping, annotation, etc.) to sophisticated effects : (adding background textures, applying color adjustments, distortion and warping, blurring and sharpening), etc.. It also includes Flickr and Twitter uploading support,

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