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02 February 2009 20:15

Classroom Intro.htm: How to search the web, by fravia+

Welcome to the classroom. Or rather the classrooms This is a range of "searching workshops", in fieri and chaotic. You are invited to follow the various paths proposed here and/or to contribute yourself with your own suggestions, critics, further developments, advices... whatever you can offer (or solve :-) will be welcome and useful.

02 February 2009 20:00

Rabbits.htm: Catching web-rabbits finding webbits - Fravia(2008)

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warez rabbits pr0n rabbits Simple "Ringtones" webbits Serialz rabbits Gamez rabbits Another way of getting them webbits out? mp3 rabbits mp3 (2006-2007 vintage) DVD & Media rabbits Mordred's asterisks bookish rabbits newsfeedish rabbits passwords rabbits email gathering rabbits proxy rabbits Rabbits for rabbits Cameras and Cams webbits Other roadkills People that are new to our webbits wont believe the techniques described here until they try them... so just try them :-) Those that already know how powerful and mighty Seekers can be, will not wonder at all. Both kind of readers will find these tricks more useful than my words can possibly underline.

02 February 2009 19:45

PDFfing.htm: Tout sur le PDF (Hack), by fravia+ pdffing (2005)

Introduction PDF-related essays Converting any file to PDF Converting an Acrobat PDF into ASCII The modern art of HTML2PDF conversion Enabling Print-Challenged PDF Files The use of De-protecting PDF files PDF tools Cleaning Adobe bloated reader 6 "Remote Approach" pdf malware

Books.htm - How to Find Ebooks on the web - (Hack) - by Fravia+ (2006)

How to find any text, any book, any journal or any poem - Requetes Google et sites web. Introduction Project Gutenberg Full-length electronic texts Eserver Collections on specific subjects Searching books Et ab hic et ab hoc History of the e-book scene Journals Poetry (and Lyrics) Our own library Universal library for personal use Google & Amazon book searches

02 February 2009 19:30

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