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data: URI Generator - Convert Online Tool for Icon, image to import it in greasemonkey Script -

data: URI Generator The data: URI scheme allows you to build URLs that embed small data objects. data: URIs are supported by most modern browsers except for Internet Explorer. The lack of IE support is holding back widespread adoption of data: URIs, but they are still very useful in a couple of specific areas such as embedding graphics and other data items in Greasemonkey scripts. You can read more about data: URIs and see some examples of their use, or use the generator below to create your own. data: URIs are defined in RFC 2397.

Flickr markdown code for Greasemonkey

Adds a markdown code choice on flickr photo download page. [Update] Modifies the image source url so that it can be accessed from C*H*I*N*A

30+ Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts

After the Succesfull post 21 Cool Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts and 25 Killer Facebook Greasemonkey Scripts and 40+ Greasemonkey Scripts For Gmail & Google we present you 30+ Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts. Which will help you to Manage your Flickr Accounts. So check out these 30+ Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts below:-

ipernity: Plug-ins Greasemonkey

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Ce plug-in vous permet d'importer la totalité de vos photos depuis Flickr. Qu'est-ce qui sera importé ? * La photo originale * Titre, description * Dates (cliché, téléchargement) * Partage, Permissions (commentaire, tags), licence * Latitude, longitude * Les 50 premiers tags Comment l'utiliser ? * Installez Greasemonkey et le plug-in * Rendez-vous sur votre page de photos sur Flickr et regardez en bas de la page * Cliquez sur le bouton "Import to ipernity" en bas de page. Ceci importera les premières 180 photos * Renouvellez l'opération autant de fois que nécessaire * Ceci ne modifie ni ne supprime rien de votre compte Flickr

Greasemonkey comes to Chrome - get your userscripts ready!

Chrome has a secret weapon. His name is Aaron Boodman, and he created Greasemonkey. He now works on the Chrome Extensions team at Google. Even though Greasemonkey on Chrome isn't yet as mature as the Firefox version -- 15-25% of scripts might not work on Chrome yet -- it will definitely get there with Boodman's help. If you need some scripts to get you started, you can scope out Download Squad's 10 Greasemonkey Scripts You Shouldn't Browse Without, or peruse the large selection at

User Script Compiler - Easily convert Greasemonkey scripts into Firefox extensions

First, you'll need to track down your installed scripts. They're in your Firefox profile, under the "gm_scripts" sub-folder. Or, if you'd prefer, you can skip the search and download any script from the online script repository. Next, you need to change the file extension from .js (Javascript) to .txt (plain text). After you've changed the extension, double-click the file to view the code. Copy and paste the code into the User Script Compiler and hit "Generate." Voila! Your new Firefox extension (.xpi) is complete. To install in Firefox, simply drag the new extension onto the Firefox interface and follow the prompts.


Flickr Gallery Plus! for Greasemonkey

Flickr Gallery Plus! is a Greasemonkey userscript for Flickr photo set pages which offers you the ability to: * View one large picture with the other thumbnails in the set next to it. * Click-selection of whichever picture you want to see larger. * Keyboard navigation with left and right arrow keys to go back and forth amongst pictures. * View a slideshow of all pictures in the set. It is tested and verified to work with Firefox, Safari (through GreaseKit), Google Chrome (through HOW TO: Install Google Chrome Greasemonkey Scripts (Windows Only)) and Opera (through Opera Tutorial: User JavaScript). short URL screenshot on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Simple Greasemonkey script to add a short URL link to the Additional Information section.

Flickr Contacts' Favorites Explorer for Greasemonkey

Browsing favorites from your contact is a great way to discover new images. This script will help you with that. On the front page of flickr below the contacts section, there should be a section called "Your Contacts' Favorites" where the favorites list will appear.

Flickr: Discussing GM Script: FlickrStayInCommons in Flickr Hacks

On, adds an option to the header [search] dropdown to take you directly to a search for "The Commons" content. Also on photos within "The Commons" project, inserts additional "tag links" that jump to listings restricted to just "The Commons".

Flickr: Discussing GM Script: Flickr More Sparkles in Flickr Hacks

This is a gm script that will add sparklines for the last 28 days views of each photos (if stats are enabled for you)

Flickr Group Tracker for Greasemonkey

Highlights threads in which you've participated in Flickr groups.

PopTip - Greasemonkey Customisable - Add pop-up preview to any site - Flickr

Script Summary: Add pop-up preview to any site.(Script homepage).....Rules for popup action must be written in "SITEINFO" in proper format. Properties of SITEINFO url (required)(RegExp) : URL to which the rule is applied. targetElement (required)(XPath) : XPath which select "A" elements. When "mouseover" action occurs on them, linked pages (values of "href" attributes) will be fetched. popupElement (required) (XPath) : XPath which select elements in fetched pages. These elements will be appear in tooltips. disabled (optional) : If you want to disable a rule temporally, set "false". style (optional) : CSS attributes of tooltips. Please be careful to write in CamelCase! (border-width -> borderWidth) stripe (optional) : If you set "true", small icons will be appended to elements on which the action will occur.

Flickr Fav Set in Flickr Hacks____Flickr: Discussing GM Script

Flickr Fav Set allows you to manage your favorites using FavSet, is a set for favorites. For more details, see this post or tutorial (available in Japanese/English). Here is some screenshots of my favorites page after installed script.

Flickr Upcoming Event - Greasemonkey

To easilly associate photos with an upcoming event. When a shot is associated to an event, it can then be tagged and located from the data provided by the event.

Flickr: Discussing GM Script: Navigate photostreams, pools, and sets using keyboard shortcuts in Flickr Hacks

Hey all, a quick and dirty greasemonkey script to let you use the left and right arrow keys to view the next and previous photos on flickr. It's something I wish flickr did by default but doesn't. Hope you find it useful.


Configurable Flickr Homepage –

The purpose of this greasemonkey script is to provide a set of modifications of the layout from the flickr homepage. Several modifications are available. All of them can be enabled or disabled by the user.

Organize Tools on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

add a new menu to it and utilize its great batch function. Now you can collect any photos in Organize and send to the following tools. Currently three tools are available: 1. Flickr Album Maker 2. fd's Slideshow Maker 3. fd's Mosaic Maker

Flickr: Discussing GM script: Flickr Photoset RSS Feed Links in Flickr Hacks

Install the Install scriptFlickr photoset feed links Greasemonkey script. After installing the script, when visiting a flickr user's photoset page, you will see the feed links at the bottom of the page. Clicking on these links will take you to the RSS feed of that photoset, to which you may then subscribe.

Flickr Code__US__Le blog des Dévellopeurs de Flickr

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Your one-stop shop for information, gossip and discussion with the Flickr developer community. Le blog est disponible uniquement en anglais mais si vous êtes un développeur ayant déjà contribué sur le groupe Flickr Hacks et avez envie de partager un bout de votre expérience

Flickr-Toolbox-100-Outils-et-Services__Mashable! France search results: sudoku

Voici une liste de +100 services/applications pour vous aider à exploiter 100% du potentiel du site de partage de photo le plus populaire du web:/2007/08/04/