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Pipes: Flickr Social - returns a feed of comments on photographs posted by user

Based on a Flickr username (not user id), returns a feed of comments on photographs posted by user together with the any comments a user has posted to other photographs. Filter out the any comments posted on any photographs that are not posted by the user such that popular photographs of other people won't also show up on the same feed, which as it often does,

Trailr - Save lot of your time On Flickr - Assembla

Trailr enables you to save lot of your time. Please forget the word copy&past because soon you won't need it anymore. Have a flickr experience like it should be: without all of those effort for copying, pasting, managing of those invitation, award or comment code snippets. With Trailr, that will become as easy as batting your eyes.


SML Wiki: Interestingness(note: work in progress)

Interestingness is a media (images, videos, etc) ranking algorithm to provide as an additional metric for search results. The algorithm is based upon an algorithm created by the Flickr team, and is further enhanced by metadata knowledge resulted from the development. The algorithm was first unveiled publicly on Flickr on 2005-08-01.1 SML.SML: Interestingness = f(views, faves, comments, tags, time, user, network relationships); The ranking is based on one or more of the following factors: * the quantity of user-entered metadata2 (i.e. tags) * the number of users who have assigned metadata3 * the number of favorites assigned to the photo4 * relationship between the person who uploaded the photo and the people who are commenting5 * access patterns related to the media object6 (i.e. where the clickthroughs are coming from; who comments on it and when)7 * a lapse of time related to the media object8 (i.e. velocity of metadata acquisition)


GM Script: Flickr Buddy Icon Reply v4.0 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I have updated the script to use image button links. I know that the images are not everyone's cup of tea and you can choose v3.2. Just testing someone's suggestion. All feedbacks and different image button designs welcome!!! to install or update this script, click on this link, GM Script: Flickr Buddy Icon Reply

Flickr Group Promotion Tool –

Adds a select box with pre written comments, inviting the photo owner and viewers to join your groups.

Flickr: Inline text editor - for photo comments, groups + help forum –

Lets you easily re-edit or delete your flickr group, help forum and photo comments without leaving the current page you are on. Features Inline Edit : When you click the edit button of a comment under a photo, in a group or in the help forum a textarea is inserted where your post was, containing your post, enabling you to quickly edit and resubmit it without leaving the page you are on. Particularly useful for group admins. Search and Replace : Lets you search and replace text in your post. Inline Delete : The script changes the delete link below group or forum posts and photo comments, so that it deletes the post without leaving the current page, especially useful for group adminstrators. Updates 19th March 2008 : updated to work with latest version of GM 23rd May 2008 : updated to work with all international versions of the site :) 5th June 2008 : updated to work on photo comments

Flickr: Discussing Flickr linked @reply (GM script) in Flickr Hacks

Adds a little (reply) button beneath the buddy icon of the author of every post/comment in a Flickr photo/photoset/group/forum discussion. Clicking (reply) inserts into your reply HTML-code that displays the commenter's username and links back to the comment being replied to. The script works in group discussions, help fora, and in photo and photoset comments i.e. everywhere :) — it even works when the reply-box is on another page! The @reply template may be customized via the script-commands menu (Tools ▶ Greasemonkey ▶ Script Commands)… so whether the scripts inserts @user, user, user:, @user, @user, or possibly even @user, is up to you. The template may even contain HTML code, e.g. to style the username in italics. Inside the reply-box, the formatted @reply is inserted at the cursor’s position. However, if any text inside the reply-box is selected, the template is ignored, and instead, clicking on (reply) makes that selected text link to the post/comment you’re replying to.

Finding a flickr account from a picture URL on Yedda - People. Sharing. Knowledge.

Simplest way to do it is to go to Fill the photo_id field with the value (e.g., 133527964). Click the "Call Method..." button you'll get an XML result.

WPF Flickr Viewer Using XLINQ[]___ demo application___will be explained one at a time

One contains all the images retrieved from the Flickr RSS feed, and the other Window shows a single image that the user clicked on, contains several controls that the user may use to alter the shown image.

Perfect Your Picasa to Flickr Workflow

They don't talk to one another. If at home after a vacation inf Thailand, I had a hard drive loaded with photos and I wanted a way to organize, caption, and publish them all at once without duplicating work. Here's how I did it with Picasa and Flickr.

Flickr Commented On –

This adds and small icon over any picture that shows you if you have already commented it, just like the favorite icon works. Very useful when you do lots of comments ;)

GM Script: Flickr Backlink Comment Reply - Discussing GM Script: Flickr Backlink Comment Reply in Flickr Hacks

Greasemonkey script that inserts those (reply) links under every buddy icon in the comments list to do exactly what is explained in the screenshot. Works in photo as well as in group discussions.


SML Wiki: Flickr Social Pipes_____Flickr Social is a Yahoo Pipe___Track his friends' comments and also comments he has posted on with and follow the trail of conversation.

Tracks all the commenting activities such that they can be logged and displayed somewhere else.It return an RSS feed of all things happening to a user's activities without the extra noise.

Give Your Photos The “A Scanner Darkly” Effect

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Give Your Photos The “A Scanner Darkly” Effected a beautiful posterized live-action animation style . Fortunately, applying the technique to a photo isn’t nearly as time consuming, and with this tutorial from one of the film’s animators, you’ll

Flickr Backlink Comment Reply sur Flickr : partage de photos !

Greasemonkey script that inserts those (reply) links under every buddy icon in the comments list to do exactly what is explained in the screenshot. Works in photo as well as in group discussions.

Flickr Group/Forum Inline Post Editor

A GM script that lets you edit or delete your posts on flickr groups and forums without leaving the page you are on.

Flickr: Hide Image Comments using RIP - Discussing Hide Image Comments using RIP in Flickr Hacks

If you hate seeing invite or award images in comments: solution using this extension, Remove it Permanently, and the rules I came up with you shouldn't have to see them . Instructions and the RIP rules on my blog.

Flickr Buddy Icon Reply v2_2

Répondre à un membre en mettant son icone avant leur réponse.C'est plutôt pratique. D'autant que cela permet d'avoir un lien sur le photostream de cette personne. It adds name_reply and icon_reply links at each of the comments under your photo.

VoiceThread __un Flickr avec du son, un diaporama à la sauce collaborative. __Diaporama 2.0 - Wisibility

VoiceThread, comme son nom ne l’indique pas, est un service de partage de photos avec commentaire Audio et Tableau Blanc ..En l'état VoiceThread est perfectible. Impossible de télécharger un fichier son préparé par ailleurs. Difficile donc de coord

Voicethread __Work With Flickr___The human voice around photographs

The human voice around photographs.This one is really simple and "lovely". Photos are a way to share experience and when you show photos to someone else, your voice is often an accompanying narrative adding a story. Voicethread allows the viewers of ph

Geek to Live: Flickr Advanced User Guide - Lifehacker

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I published an article here on Lifehacker called Tips for Flickr beginners, a quick rundown on how to get started on Flickr. One year later I'm still as big a Flickr fan and user as ever, so it's about time to point out some of the more advanced features