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Multifox - AddOn Firefox - Connexion à des comptes différents dans le même temps - FUNDAS Instant

Offre des fonctionnalités similaires à CookieSwap. Les connexions sont conservés de la même façon qu'ils sont «réguliers» de Windows . Même si vous fermez la fenêtre ou quitter Firefox . # Le profil de l'identité de chaque fenêtre est conservée lorsque Firefox restaure la session . # Les nouvelles fenêtres héritent le profil de l'identité de la fenêtre ils ont été ouverts à partir . Comparaison avec Cookieswap Cookieswap et Multifox est très différente les uns des autres . Bien que CookieSwap permet de vous connecter à plusieurs comptes en même temps , vous pouvez toujours changer de compte : Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser les deux comptes en même temps . Multifox , lui, vous permet de faire exactement cela . À cet égard , je dois dire que c'est mieux qu'avec CookieSwap . Goodbye CookieSwap , je change addons


16 Awesome Data Visualization Tools

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From navigating the Web in entirely new ways to seeing where in the world twitters are coming from, data visualization tools are changing the way we view content. We found the following 16 apps both visually stunning and delightfully useful.

Photojojo » Photojojo’s Favorite Flickr Add-ons and Mashups

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As if Flickr weren’t awesome enough, developers across the world can create, using Flickr’s Application Programming Interface (API), tools, plug-ins, and services to work with your Flickr photos.

New Darckr v1.0b9 advanced editing options on Flickr

- allows to set all visibility possibilities - allows to promote pictures to the top of the stream. - allows to add links to darckr views . Upload batches of images, then promote them and change visibility settings as a snap.

Flickr Commented On –

This adds and small icon over any picture that shows you if you have already commented it, just like the favorite icon works. Very useful when you do lots of comments ;)

Greasemonkey Security Update

I've just posted an update to Greasemonkey that fixes a recent publicly disclosed security issue. Please upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Flickr: Mortimer and Greasemonkey.Search Flickr Hacks

There are 69 Flickr Hacks topics that mention mortimer and greasemonkey. - for images__in FlickR★SurF

Almost six months ago I released, a webapp to remember your favorite images around the web. You can think of it as a for images, if you're familiar with the social bookmarking stuff. It's great as inspiration resource ;) extension___Taguer des photos comme Delicious....

This Firefox extension has been nicely developed by Sergi Meseguer and allows you to post an image to your account just right clicking on it.

FreeAccess Plus!__Bypass filter of YouTube,, Flickr,

Bypass filter of YouTube,, Flickr,,,, MySpace, Hi5 and some Persian (farsi) sites in Iran and other countries that blocked this sites .

Favorite Surfer: Browse favorite photos on Flickr.

Browse through public photos on Flickr from the favorites of one user to another. Start by entering a user name or choosing a random starting point.

Flickr Filter Hearts on Flickr_________Greasemonkey Script:

Annoyed by big images which are included in invitations or awards to some groups?. This script replaces these images with the text "[image]". It keeps buddy icons which are often used to reply to other comments. It also creates links to the original image

Flickr Filter Hearts 0.7 __to filter images in photo comments to make them more readable.__Flickr Hacks

Annoyed by big images which are included in invitations or awards to some groups ?. This script replaces these images with the text "[image]". It keeps buddy icons which are often used to reply to other comments. It also creates links to the original imag


Flickr YouTubr__lire directement video YouTube depuis Flickr

Ce mashup YouTube/Flickr permet de lire les vidéos directement dans FlickR si un lien vers une vidéo s’y trouve. Pour déclencher la lecture vous disposez d’un bouton supplémentaire. La vidéo sera lancé dans le cadre de la photo.

FlickrFaves_telecharger Favoris __Application Flickr

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A small utility for downloading high-resultion versions of your Flickr favorites to your harddrive. If you are like me this means hundreds of beautiful new wallpapers at the click of a button! FlickrFaves is a cross-platform utility written in Java.

FlickrFaves__Telecharger vos Favoris de Flickr sur votre Ordinateur__Application

Do you have lots of beautiful favorites marked? Want to use them as wallpapers on your computer? Then FlickrFaves is for you! It is a small, simple, cross-platform tool for downloading high-resolution versions of your Flickr favorites to your harddrive

Flickr and Webimager__Capture screenshot et upload sur Flickr__application

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Vous permet de capturer votre écran en entier ou juste une partie et de l’auto-uploader à votre compte.

Flickr Photo Favorers : Discussing GM Script in Flickr Hacks

Add a widget box to display the favorers of current photo. It can display the buddyicons of users who fave the current photo. The widget will show 45 favorers per page, and a paging control is provided. You can see some screenshots below.

Escape Entities Greasemonkey Script

When you post to groups such as Flickr, or to blogs using tools such as Movable Type, you are often free to use a selection of HTML tags. This is very handy for adding links, images and basic formatting, but it comes with a downside—if you ever want to

Flickr Users in this Photo

Shows a user icon next to a photo on flickr if that user has been added to the photo with the following user machine tag flickr:user=flickrusername it also adds a select box of your contacts to make it easier to add the user tags.

SML Wiki: Flickr Social Pipes_____Flickr Social is a Yahoo Pipe___Track his friends' comments and also comments he has posted on with and follow the trail of conversation.

Tracks all the commenting activities such that they can be logged and displayed somewhere else.It return an RSS feed of all things happening to a user's activities without the extra noise.

♥ Flickr Graph

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Son objectif est de représenter sur un graphe animé en flash les relations d’un utilisateur de Flickr, [moi par exemple ...] puis les relations de relations, et ainsi de suite...magique!.

♥ Favorite Finder

Montrez toutes les photos appartenant à un utilisateur qu'un autre utilisateur a marquées en tant que favoris. Vous pouvez employer l' username, l’email, ou l'ID de chaque faire la recherche inversé .Très instructif.

Show all images by a user in his/her groups - Discussing GM Script: Show all images by a user in his/her groups in Flickr Hacks

Idea based on steeev's GM Script: Show all images in pool by user in Flickr Hacks. This script is compatible and works fine with steeev's script above.

Group Therapy _Script greasemonkey pour Flickr

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i belong to too many groups that i don't remember joining. when i realized how long it would take to click through and leave each one, i spent twice as long getting flickr to do it for me instead, using the script you see here