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GetSatisfaction for better management of the Greasemonkey script feedbacks in Flickr Hacks

it makes it easy to report problem, propose new ideas or ask questions about the existing scripts. I already added a few of the script I made in the past as "products"....


Flickr: Pipe: My Flickr relationships - Discussing Pipe: My Flickr relationships in Flickr! Pipes

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Using this application, you may list your contacts with whom you have a specific (mutual) relationship. For example, you may want to see who of your friends has marked you as a friend, or rather who of your contacts does not list you as a contact, etc.

Flickr: Flickr Localisation Broken Scripts - Discussing Flickr Localisation Broken Scripts in Flickr Hacks

Let's list the broken scripts (and if they had fixes) in this thread, so it's easier to follow. I already found that:- Flickr Virtual Set (never works)_- Flickr More Menus (never works)- Flickr Auto Page (broken in the Forum page and on all pages for othe

Flickr: Aide Flickr en Francais

Vous êtes perdu dans cet immense Flickr tout en anglais ?.Vous n'êtes pas sûr de faire les bonnes choses ? D'autres pourront sans doute vous aider à faire ce que vous voulez sans que vous ayez a traduire et retraduire questions et réponses.


CIA SABOTAGE MANUAL on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Please Note: This is a redesigned booklet. It was redesigned by an Australian called Xerocorp. It therefore has "British-isms", spelling differences from how the CIA would spell some words. The original (with 'American-isms') can be found here: geocities.

<img src="" border="0" height="16">&nbsp;genericface blog » Using Picasa to upload to Flickr using;<i><small>(</small></i>

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Picasa is by far my favorite photo management software. Flickr is the arguably the best online photo sharing site (Zooomr is a rising competitor). However, one must use the email feature in to upload pictures from Picasa to Flickr (see Jim Rutherford’s

Flickr: I made a little tutorial for my group - EmoRate

I made a little tutorial for my group view profile getthebubbles Pro User [ INT ? ] says: on how to use EmoRate and thought I would share it here too. Ok, here is the tutorial on how to download/install and use the EmoRate Tool for those that I promised i

Flickr: What is HDR - HDR

t stands for High Dynamic Range. It's a feature in Photoshop CS2 or Photomatix. It's basically a way to 'digitally develop' your photos using tonal information contained in multiple exposures of the same shot. Say you exposure bracket the same shot. You c