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GM - firefox - How to alter this javascript with Greasemonkey? - Stack Overflow

On Firefox Greasemonkey, you can do that with the stupefyingly brilliant (^_^) checkForBadJavascripts utility


GM COOKIE - Cookie Injection Using Greasemonkey | Views From The Hill

To use with Wireshark. The CookieInjector userscript simplifies this process, by allowing the user to copy-paste the cookie portion of the dump and have the cookies from the dump automatically created on the currently viewed web page. Updated Cookie Injector Script available on


The Pirate Bay Cleaner (Greasemonkey) : The Pirate Bay aux petits oignons | Korben

The Pirate Bay Cleaner est un userscript pour Chrome et Firefox (avec Greasemonkey) qui une fois installé permet de faire un peu de tunning sur le plus célèbre des sites de pirates. Première chose qu'on remarque après l'install, c'est que par défaut, on passe en HTTPS. Seconde chose, ce sont les 2 icônes qui apparaissent dans le coin en haut à droite. La première est un accès vers uTorrent Remote qui permet de se connecter à un client uTorrent à distance, et la seconde est le détail des options disponible


Use Greasemonkey Scripts In Google Chrome - But, there are some limitations as well (as with Opera — which also supports some greasemonkey scripts) - Chrome does not support @exclude, @require, @resource, unsafeWindow, or any of the special GM_* APIs.

Well, here is how to run userscripts in chrome : * Add this flag to Google Chrome launcher : --enable-user-scripts - Now, create a folder in your user data directory. Name it as User Scripts. - Save your all GM scripts in this folder. - If you want to import all userscripts from Firefox — you need to do it manually. We have shown you the way to backup your Greasemonkey scripts. Just navigate to your GM script folder in Firefox data directory as describe in this post. Now, you can copy and paste every script’s file manuallyAnd, you are done! Restart the chrome — and visit any related site. It is quite possible that your favorite GM Script will do the magic. - Important fact : Chrome supports “Early Injection” – the ability to run scripts very early in the page’s lifecycle. In Firefox, userscripts run after page load. But in chrome, you can set it to run before page load. For this, you need to add an extra line in scripts meta data section : // @run-at document-start

Greasefire - Automatically find Greasemonkey scripts on - when you visit a web site, how do you know if there are better ways to view it?

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a Firefox add-on that will tell you if there are any user scripts for the page you're visiting. When you have Greasefire and Greasemonkey installed a little monkey will show up in the bottom right corner of your Firefox status bar. If there are scripts available for the site you're viewing, the monkey's background color will change to red. And when you right click on the icon you'll see the number of available scripts. Click on that number and a window will open telling you more about those scripts.


Forum Deblocker - Greasemonkey

The "Forum Deblocker" userscript simulates the Googlebot so you may see the forum pages as google sees them

Google Fx v2.1.9 for Greasemonkey - firefox et opera

AutoPaging + Site ThumbShots + Google Suggest (multi-lang) + Easy Filters + Right Panel Feature + Images Redirect & Preview + Searchers + Static TopBar + NoAds + Nice Look&Feel + User's Settings + MultiLanguage & more... [Opera & Firefox] Version: 2.1.9

CustomizeGoogle - Remove Filtered |

When the "filter" option is used in CustomizeGoogle (a wonderful extension, by the way), the filtered results are replaced with a line of text alerting you that a result has been removed. Originally inspired by Google Search Results Filter, the purpose of this style is to ENTIRELY remove ALL filtered search results; if I intended to filter a specific site, I don't necessarily want to a giant hole in the layout of search results. This style takes care of that, removing any trace, all without breaking the layout of the page. Also, you do not have to update your "list", as there is no "list," as there is in Google Search Results Filter. This style works for both sites CustomizeGoogle filters: 1) Google search results and 2) Google News

Google Maps - Minimal -

A wonderful script. I have tried many google maps fullscreen script, but this one is the best ....move mouse to left side to show sidebar

Google Search Fixed Topbar - Greasemonkey

Fixed Topbar – Download Google Search Tools This script shows the Google top bar (a navigation bar with links taking you to Images, News result pages for your current search) even if you scroll down to see further results. It makes it visible all the time, even when you’re scrolling. Saves you a few seconds. Fixed Topbar – Download

Multi-Column Results - Splits Google search results - Download

Multi-Column ResultsSplits Google search results into multiple columns. It’ll be incredibly useful if you’re on a wide screen monitor. Alt+1/2/3 keys can be used to switch between one, two and three column views.

Unpaginate Pagination Microformated Web Pages for Greasemonkey

This script will unpaginate any web pages augmented by the pagination microformat, into what traditionally (if somewhat incorrectly) has been called "endless" Google, Flickr, and similar, pages. In other words, a hack that loads the next page into the present one when you scroll within about half a screenful of the end, so you don't have to lose the pageful you have to load the next pageful -- it just gets inlined for you, instead. By itself, this script will do nothing at all, because it only contains the code that implements this unpagination; tailoring it to other sites is up to other, much, much smaller custom scripts anyone can write -- or indeed site authors may augment their site templates with, for the benefit of their visitors running this hack, should they want to.

TextArea Drag Resize - modifier la taille des champs de saisie - Userscripts

TextArea Drag Resize : permet de modifier la taille des champs de saisie par glisser-déplacer :Simple et efficace...

Textarea Backup - sauvegarde le contenu des champs de saisie

Textarea Backup sauvegarde le contenu des champs de saisie pour les forums et autres sites où l'on écrit. Combien de fois avez-vous perdu le contenu de ce que vous tapiez, en fermant un onglet ou une fenêtre par erreur ? Trop ? Ce script sauvegarde tout seul la frappe au clavier. Il suffit de revenir à la page en question, même sur un forum, et le texte revient à sa place.

delicious Management for Greasemonkey

The Bookmark Management GreaseMonkey script will add 2 links to your pages. The links will allow you to either share or delete all displayed items on the current page. You can search for items or narrow down the results by selecting a tag. * Modifications for Delicious v2 Website and FF3 * Use of GM API instead of web page calls (this does require the user to sign into the delicious API) These modifications will get the script working again with the latest updates to the Delicious website and FF3. After I first made this script I found the Install scriptyumyum script. Admittedly this script is better than mine which is why I haven't made too many updates to this one. However, since the Delicious upgrade yumyum doesn't work. So long story short, here is an update to this script. Inline View for Greasemonkey

Adds an 'inline view...' link to pages which loads the url inside a html iframe in the bottom of every link.

Enable Autocomplete & Remember Passwords for Yahoo et Delicious - Greasemonkey

Certain sites like, yahoo, etc. stop Firefox from storing and auto-completing the password even when you have turned auto-completion on. While this has some purpose for certain sensitive sites like banks, is there any reason why will forget passwords?! To make matters worse, in or yahoo you can only ask to be remembered for 2 weeks and not more than that! This script combats the problem for and yahoo logins, and enables Firefox to prompt you to remember login password for these sites. You can easily add other sites whose passwords are also not remembered, the script will work fine. Bundle sorter for Greasemonkey

Changes the delicious tag bundle manager so unbundled tags are listed at the beginning. - Sort Visible Links for Greasemonkey

Sort all the links on the page by their title, URL or popularity. Updated on Feb 17, 2009 to fix its operation on full search results page

ThePirateBay Enhancer - UserScipts - Greasemonkey - 2008

Show torrent age, spelling suggestions, SEED to PEER ratio, and number of comments. Kill dead torrents as well!

Try This Search On - UserScripts - Greasemonkey

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Provides useful links to search engines based on the page that you're viewing or the search that you're performing.