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Google Maps - Full Screen (Updated 12. August '08) |

This styles makes the map window bigger, you will find the search at the top left. Print-, email- and link-button are on the top right. Because someone asked: Since you need the "Stylish" extension for this, this is not available for Internet Explorer.


40+ Greasemonkey Scripts For Gmail & Google |

Some Days Back we posted 21 Cool Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts and now today am going to post some of the Best Greasemonkey Scripts for Gmail and Google. There are thousands of scripts that you can install to customize just about anything you can think of. But in this list you can find some of the cool one which will really help you to Organize Gmail and Google.

Google Fx v2.1.9 for Greasemonkey - firefox et opera

AutoPaging + Site ThumbShots + Google Suggest (multi-lang) + Easy Filters + Right Panel Feature + Images Redirect & Preview + Searchers + Static TopBar + NoAds + Nice Look&Feel + User's Settings + MultiLanguage & more... [Opera & Firefox] Version: 2.1.9

Google Maps - Minimal -

A wonderful script. I have tried many google maps fullscreen script, but this one is the best ....move mouse to left side to show sidebar

Medallia Blog: Google Print & Library Lookup Mashup - Greasemonkey Library 2.0

puts a small yellow box in the corner of your Google Print book search. The box includes a book title and a link to the library system's search results. When clicked, a new browser tab is created containing the library's lookup page with the book's location and status. The script also linkifies the library names on the latter page, to point to the library's street map, hours and phone page. This GM script acts on 2 completely separate pages. Should be relatively straightforward to alter for your own local library's book search API and map and hours.

Locator - locate on google map :used, rather than and there was no option to change it: Firefox Add-ons

Locate highlighted address on Google map: simply highlight the address, right click with mouse, select 'Locate on Google Map' in popup menu and your place will be shown on Google map. """Too limited I cannot believe that such a limited extension is so popular! I started out using this, but was annoyed because it used, rather than and there was no option to change it. After some searching I found Advanced URL Builder ( to be the best solution. It is far superior in every way because it is so flexible."" """ Every address you use this tool on gets sent to and This is a serious privacy issue! This tool works, but I advise against using it. """"

Advanced URL Builder : Personnaliser des recherches sur vos sites favoris des : Firefox Add-ons

Append selected text to the URL of your favourite site enabling you to submit a query to any website. For example - highlight a placename/postcode and open using Google maps... Much easier and quicker to use than adding search engines to the context search. Instructions: Highlight some text, right click and choose a URL that you have defined to open it with.


"MAP THIS!" extention firefox - Recherche Google

Cette extension vous permetra d'obtenir une carte de Google pour n'importe quelle adresse sur une page Web. Juste choisir l'adresse, clique droit et choisir la "Map This". En plus, vous pouvez placer chez vous dans les préférences, et choisissez l'option "Map To This" pour obtenir la trajet.

Instantly Locate Yourself on Google Maps

Instantly Locate Yourself on Google Maps Firefox with Greasemonkey (All platforms): The Google Maps & Geode Greasemonkey user script adds a small Current Position link next to the Google Maps search box that instantly locates you on a map using Firefox's new geolocation technology. To use this script right now, you'll need to install the previously mentioned Geode Firefox extension—but as soon as Greasemonkey supports Firefox 3.1, which itself supports geolocation natively, you won't need any extra extensions. Since so many Google Maps searches start at your current location, whether you're getting directions or looking for nearby businesses, this quick link cuts out the work of entering in your address each time. Handy!


Mini Map Sidebar__Featured Firefox Extension: Map Addresses in Your Sidebar - Lifehacker

Map addresses, get directions, manage locations, and preview Google Earth KML files in your sidebar with Firefox extension Mini Map


MapIt - Geckozone - Extensions en français pour Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird et Nvu

Cette extension permet d'afficher une carte ou un itinéraire avec votre site de cartographie favori. Ayant résolu le bug "how this happen", la nouvelle version (0.7.1) propose maintenant, et ce grâce à l'admirable travail d'adaptation française de Ta


Ted's Mozilla page - Google Maps Live

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Allows you to feed latitude/longitude data to Google Maps and have it tracked in realtime