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January 2010

Deep Dive on Flickr - Application Sharing!

Don't just experience Flickr on the surface, dig deeper with Deep Dive! Deep Dive's Chain will learn what you like and will explore Flickr's vast universe with your eyes. You will discover new artists and hidden gems. With Deep Dive, good photos will live longer than a couple of weeks. Do you know your Flickr Twins and Flickr Fans? Find them with Deep Dive! Deep Dive helps you to stay up to date with your contacts. It will remember who you visited and when, will catch up with people on a click of a button. Deep Dive filters photos ( if you wish ) and only displays successful or moderately successful ones for you to view.

February 2008

Flickr Filter Hearts on Flickr_________Greasemonkey Script:

Annoyed by big images which are included in invitations or awards to some groups?. This script replaces these images with the text "[image]". It keeps buddy icons which are often used to reply to other comments. It also creates links to the original image