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How to Use DVD Shrink - Quick, easy-to-use guide for those unfamiliar with the DVD Shrink program.

These transcoders are based on algorithms designed to recompress an MPEG-2 stream in real-time for TV broadcast. These programs can transcode an entire DVD movie in only a few minutes, because they do not have to decode and re-encode the entire video stream, but only part of it. I will not go into a detailed explanation of the mechanisms used as they are quite involved but basically what you get is a size (and hence quality) reduction per time unit that cannot be rivaled by regular MPEG-2 encoders (though the latter category can yield better quality). DVD2One was the first program to be based on these principles, now DVD Shrink is the first free program to offer this functionality.


deepself: Mes webservices.dat pour eMule

configurer les webservice.dat d'Emule en utilisant placeholders. Liste de sites utilisable

Editing Web Services in eMule and its MODs : webservices.dat for mules

here's a copy of my webservices.dat for my mule for those that may be interested, copy these lines into your webservices file & it adds these features to your mules right click when your click on a file, sometimes some work better than others ... depends on the name or other factors. Anyone has any others they find useful please add below


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Matroska ajoute des pièces jointes sous forme d'image visibles dans l'explorateur, visible avec Haali Media Splitter en cochant la case "Enable Shell Extension" , on a le titre, la résolution, les langues , lsauvegarder les pièces jointes, etc.


TvFreePlayer Tools______ Tutoriels

TvFreePlayer Tools fut créé à l'origine afin de faciliter l'installation du freeplayer et du multiposte. Au fur et à mesure des versions, celui-ci s'est etoffé et est devenu un outil utile à tout abonné Free ! Ce logiciel n'est pas exclusivement de

SubTherMix : tous les aspects de la video: Voir le Forum - .: Les Tutoriaux

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tres bien fait , concerne tous les aspects de la video : encodage, montage , sous-titre, temes employés, telechargement etc

FAQ : DVDRip , DVDScreener , Screener | Kesako ?_SubTherMix :: Voir le sujet -

Vous voyez souvent tout un tas d'acronymes autour des noms de films sur edonkey, mais que signifient-elles exactement?

StaxRip - Introduction

With StaxRip you can easily convert your DVD's, DVB or DV captures or almost any other source format. As a open source application StaxRip is completely free. Supported Formats Video formats: DivX, XviD, x264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Audio formats: MP3, AC3, MP2/M