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Tool - Delicious XML Exporter - Use this utility to download an XML file of all your bookmarks from Delicious

We use OAuth, so you never have to give us your password. But you must have Yahoo ID for that.... How does this work? In a few seconds you will be prompted to download the file containing your bookmarks. With this XML file, you can import it into several other bookmark utilities including the open-source Semantic Scuttle, or into a Wordpress blog, or many others. We are currently developing a Wordpress theme and custom post type that you can use to run your own private bookmarking website. We are not affiliated with Delicious or Yahoo. We are a fan of Delicious, and will be sorry to see it go, so we want to make it easy for everyone to be able to download their bookmarks data and move it elsewhere.


Tagger Fichiers Multimédias (film music) - TigoTago (Gratuit) ___Tom's Guide__

TigoTago, voilà un nom sympathique pour un logiciel qui permettra tout simplement d’éditer les tag de fichiers multimédia. Il supporte différents formats : MP3 (ID3 1.1 et 2.3.0), Avi, Wav, Wmv, Wma et ASF. Vous pourrez renommer vos fichiers par lot (nom, date, genre…). Son interface est moderne et très conviviale.