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10 Great Uses For Google Desktop(2006) - Google Operating System unofficial Tips

Google Desktop lets you search your computer and have tiny bits of information at your fingertips if you use Google Gadgets. Everybody knows that. But Google Desktop can have other interesting uses. 7. File versioning: You can use Google Desktop to revert to a previous version of a document (text file, Office document, HTML file). Google Desktop keeps all the versions of a file, so it may be useful if you don't backup your files. 8. Most recent documents : Google Desktop has a timeline that lets you the files created or modified recently. 10. Gmail replacement: Gmail is down or your internet connection is down. You don't use a desktop mail client, but you need to find an important mail. Fortunately, Google Desktop indexes your mail (if you want to), so you can search your messages and read them offline. The attachments aren't saved on your PC.


BinNews Search File With Binsearch, Newzleech, and others - Recherche fichiers ".NZB" - Usenet , Newgroups - Userscripts

Une petite astuce pour trouver rapidement les .NZB à partir de binnews : _Ajoutez à Greasemonkey ce petit script : (BinNews Search File With Binsearch, Newzleech, and others - userscripts) : Install script Il rajoutera dans vos résultats sur binnews des petits icônes de façon très intuitive ! Ce sont des liens vers BinTube, Binsearch, Newsleech, etc. Un clic dessus et la recherche est déjà faites, vous n’avez plus qu’à télécharger le .NBZ ! Testez, vous adoptere