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SOLUTION - Perte de mot de passe sous Windows 10

La solution m’a été soufflée par deux lecteurs de ce blog, Nicolas et MC ! Merci à eux. Et ça marche ! Démarrez votre système avec un Live CD. Je parlais plus haut de Fedora Live CD. Vous devez au préalable monter votre lecteur NTFS dans Other locations du gestionnaire de fichiers par un clic droit.__ Choisissez Mount. __ Monter le lecteur NTFS Windows sous un Live CD Linux __ Ouvrez l’application Terminal sous Fedora Live CD. __ Terminal dans Fedora Live CD __ Placez-vous dans le répertoire Windows/System32 de votre disque /dev/sda2. Vous devez alors écraser le fichier Utilman.exe par cmd.exe : __ cp -f cmd.exe Utilman.exe __ Redémarrez alors votre système. A partir de l’écran de connexion Windows, cliquez sur les options d’ergonomie (touche Windows+U) et tapez à partir de la ligne de commande : __ net user login_utilisateur nouveau_mot_de_passe __ connexion-windows-options-ergnomie-utilmanVous pouvez vous connecter avec votre nouveau mot de passe !


Ext2 Installable File System for Windows - allows it Windows to Read/Write to EXT2/3 filesystems just as it can with NTFS or FAT - JacksonT

Ext2 Installable File System for Windows EX2 IFS is a kernel mode file system driver for Windows which allows it Windows to Read/Write to EXT2/3 filesystems just as it can with NTFS or FAT, All this means that you can now access a Linux Partition from Windows it's installed/un-installed just like any other program and lets you assign the drive letters for your partitions. It is also very important to note that Linux file permissions are not maintained meaning that you have full access to all files in your Linux partition. EX2 IFS supports Windows NT 4.0 through Vista and both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. EX2 IFS is developed and maintained by Stephan Schreiber Main Site: EX2 IFS in action: My Ubuntu Linux partitions fully accessible in Vista Home Premium


Featured Download: FilePhile Transfers Any Size File Between Any Two Systems

After registering at FilePhile's site with an email address and password, you grab and install a copy of the Java-based app, launch it, and add email addresses to your buddy list. Sending a file is a simple right-click on someone's name, but you can limit the bandwidth eaten up by FilePhile in its preferences. The transfers themselves are encrypted, and, as the site boasts, can be any size. That's about it, but that's probably all you need.


TESTDISK ____Category : Data Recovery - CGSecurity

150 articles in this category..... Serie de liens sur la Récupération de Données , logiciels, technique, sythem d'exploitations et d'aides....etc.... Une mine d'or!

Free Computer System Recovery Tools___LH Top 10:

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Plenty of free tools can help you and are available for download right now. Today we've got our top 10 system recovery picks which span operating systems but all cost the same: exactly nothing.