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15 March 2010 15:15

Searching and Navigating - How do I search a specific context? - FAQ on Delicious

If you're looking at a specific user's bookmarks, you can search their bookmarks. If you're looking at a specific tag, you can search only items with that tag. We also let you search tag intersections as well as user + tag. Select "These Bookmarks" from the search box dropdown and experiment, it's much easier to do than to explain!,- Ability to search your network's bookmarks. What’s new in search? A) Timeline Search B) Search Suggestions C) Tag Filters - What advanced search options can I use? - Enter some words, and you'll get back links that contain all of them: bacon lettuce tomato finds BLTs. - Goes through bookmark descriptions, notes, and tags. Tags can be searched exclusively, like so: tag:bacon. - Look for "bacon lettuce and tomato" as a phrase. Note the quotes. -The OR operator and parentheses: (bacon OR tofu) - Use the - (minus) prefix to exclude meat products - AND, it's the default.