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Q: I'm worried by the fact some sites require the domain to be whitelisted. I'd prefer not to allow it everywhere, but only on some parent sites I trust. How can I do it? __ A: You can use ABE to this effect, by adding the following rule to your NoScript Options|Advanced|ABE USER ruleset: Site __ Accept INCLUSION from SELF++ ___ Accept INCLUSION from ____ Deny ___ Notice the leading dot "." before domains, which is syntactic sugar for *, i.e. a domain and its subdomains. ____ It should also be noted that, independently from this rule, external scripts are never loaded from pages which don't belong to a whitelisted site, hence no malicious website you didn't explicitly whitelisted could execute scripts from anyway. ___


Searching and Navigating - How do I search a specific context? - FAQ on Delicious

If you're looking at a specific user's bookmarks, you can search their bookmarks. If you're looking at a specific tag, you can search only items with that tag. We also let you search tag intersections as well as user + tag. Select "These Bookmarks" from the search box dropdown and experiment, it's much easier to do than to explain!,- Ability to search your network's bookmarks. What’s new in search? A) Timeline Search B) Search Suggestions C) Tag Filters - What advanced search options can I use? - Enter some words, and you'll get back links that contain all of them: bacon lettuce tomato finds BLTs. - Goes through bookmark descriptions, notes, and tags. Tags can be searched exclusively, like so: tag:bacon. - Look for "bacon lettuce and tomato" as a phrase. Note the quotes. -The OR operator and parentheses: (bacon OR tofu) - Use the - (minus) prefix to exclude meat products - AND, it's the default.


Windows (Collins)- Startup programs - Intro, Identifying, Disabling, Comprehensive List

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The intention of these pages is to provide a central resource for PC users and Tech Support staff alike who are concerned about the poor performance of their PCs due to the number of programs that run at system start-up. The following information is provided:


ADUF : La résiliation de votre accès Free Haut Débit

Allez dans votre interface de gestion, rubrique résiliation et imprimez le formulaire * Envoyez en recommandé avec accusé de réception le formulaire à l'adresse indiquée dessus, ainsi que votre Freebox


FaQ Xp : Pour remettre d'applomb XP, le réparer sans tout réinstaller, résoudre les problèmes XP, le registre XP ... - Windows XP (réparer) - FAQ - TSO

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Windows XP (réparer) Pour remettre d'aplomb XP, le réparer sans tout réinstaller, résoudre les problèmes XP, le registre XP ...


FAQ Windows XP des utilisateurs des forums

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La FAQ aide les utilisateurs découvrant Windows XP ou souhaitant apprendre des astuces. Ceux-ci peuvent poser des questions sur les Newsgroups Microsoft ou de nombreux contributeurs se dévouent pour vous aider.


FAQ/Astuces pour Mozilla et Netscape 7

bonne serie d'astuces.. Attention, cette FAQ concerne majoritairement la version Windows de Mozilla, même si la plupart des informations sont valables pour les autres plateformes. Cette FAQ s'adresse aux utilisateurs de la suite traditionnelle de Mozilla (nom de code Seamonkey), certaines astuces s'appliquent aussi à d'autres produits tels que Thunderbird et Firefox, je l'indique en général par une balise

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack_Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

reponses à toutes question sur las codec tres bien faites et précises!